5 Tips to Prepare for a Video or Photo Shoot

So you want to showcase your business with video, but you aren’t quite sure how to begin preparing for it? Here are some general tips to help you prepare to be in front of the camera.

1. Schedule Your Video Shoot

Arrange for your shoot to occur during office downtime, perhaps during an extended lunch break or after hours. This helps reduce ambient noise during a video shoot and prevents employees or clients from accidentally photo-bombing a potentially perfect shot. Also, with less activity happening around you, you will be able to focus on the task at hand.

Schedule Your Optometry Video Shoot

2. Prep the Shoot Location

Walkthrough your office and decide which areas you want to highlight during your photo or video shoot. Prepare the areas by tidying up, clearing clutter, and ensuring there is enough space for the photographer or videographer to move freely or place equipment.

3. Select the Right Props

After you’ve chosen which areas of your office you want to include in your shoot, you will also want to choose which props to use in your photos or video. For instance, an optometrist may want to include eye charts and tools used during an eye exam.  Inanimate objects aren’t the only props. You, your staff, and even your clients or patients can be considered subjects as well.  You might want a photo taken of your entire staff in the lobby or of you performing a service with a client or patient. Know who you want with you and make sure they know when to be present.

Select Props for Your Video Shoot

 4. Professional Appearance

Now that you have your shoot scheduled, your location is chosen, and who or what else you want to be included in your shots; make sure you’re looking your best. Dress appropriately to reflect your practice and wear clothes that fit properly and aren’t visually distracting. Get plenty of rest the night before your shoot so you don’t have dark circles underneath your eyes and stay hydrated.

 5. Creating a Rough Script

If you plan to speak on camera, create a good script with essential messages you want to convey. Have someone proofread the script for you and make sure to practice it out loud. This will help with your confidence level when delivering your lines.

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