Why Advertising with Google Is Critical For Your Business

Do you own a new or established business and are wondering if Google AdWords is right for you? Find out how Google can be critical for a thriving business to stay ahead of the competition.

Have you ever searched for something on Google? If you are like 90% of the population, you have. People go to Google when they have questions and Google gives them the answer.
Google is, by far, the largest search engine in the world. Which means Google is more than an excellent resource for information — it means Google is also the largest, and arguably most effective, advertising network in the world.
This is why it is so critical for you to be advertising on Google. If someone types into Google the question, “Which optometrist should I go to?” Google won’t just answer with organic (non-paid) search results. Instead, the first answers that Google shows will be ads. If you’re not paying for ads with Google for your business, there is absolutely no way to be the top result that potential clients will see because that space belongs to the business that wisely choose to use Google AdWords.
Using Google for free online advertising for new and established businesses -- Is Google AdWords training with it?
AdWords is the name of the online advertising service developed by Google for Google and it’s a great tool for you to take advantage of. Google AdWords training is provided for free by Google so that anyone can use it. However, it is important to keep in mind that training on how to use AdWords cannot be substituted for actual Google AdWords experience, which is something we’ll delve into deeper later in this article.

Why New Businesses Need to Advertise with Google

Free online advertising by using SEO (search engine optimization advertising alone) might seem more appealing to you than paid advertising with Google if you are a new business looking to keep costs down. But as a new business you probably already know it is very important to get clients in the door filling your appointment slots and bringing in loyal clients back in.
SEO is a wonderful tool that should definitely be in your advertising arsenal. But unlike PPC (pay-per-click) with Google AdWords, SEO doesn’t happen overnight. More established businesses with older websites that have established content tend to rank higher organically according to Google’s search engines.
Using Google for free online advertising for new and established businesses -- Is Google AdWords training with it?But when it comes to AdWords, Google doesn’t care that your business is old or new — or even if you have never had a client before! AdWords takes the form of an online auction for ad space, but even then, spending more money doesn’t necessarily get you better results; the quality score (a complicated score of what your ad rates for quality and relevance) of your ad is also taken to account when Google determines how much you should pay.
Google doesn’t just go based off of how much you are willing to pay because Google is more likely to make money when you make money. You only pay when your ad is clicked, so Google makes more money off selling a hundred high-quality ads for one dollar that are clicked a hundred times, than selling two fifty dollar ads that get clicked once.
Using Google AdWords may just be the perfect way to get new clients to help a new business become an established pillar of the community almost overnight.

Why Established Business Need to Advertise with Google

Have you ever seen an ad for Coca-Cola? Coke is already a well-established household name but they don’t say, “We’re already the market leader, guess it is time to stop advertising.” Coke doesn’t stop advertising because their competitors don’t stop advertising.
If your business is an established business and you already are the leader in your community, now is not the time to sit on your laurels, especially if you have plans to ever grow. Other businesses are constantly fighting for your customers and to get your clients from you, and using Google ads is an excellent way for them to do it.
When someone searches for your business and the first thing they see in the search results is not your business, but a competitor of your’s giving a fifty percent off deal in Google AdWords, then you could have just lost a client.
AdWords can be an extremely effective brand-management tool when combined with a quality website.

Free Online Advertising

The saying goes, “You have to spend money to make money,” but that isn’t totally true, even when it comes to paid advertising like AdWords; even when you aren’t spending any of your budget on clicks, your ads will still show up, and are still making an impression on potential clients. This could be considered free online advertising as you are not spending any money to have your ad shown.
Using Google for free online advertising for new and established businesses -- Is Google AdWords training with it?Maybe your potential client sees your ad the first time they search for a business like yours in your area but they don’t click it because they have never heard of your business before. But the second time they make that search they will have heard of your business from the first time they made the search and will be more likely to respect your business as an authority in the space and thus click your ad.
To succeed in AdWords, Google also helps by providing you with a Google Business account that really could be considered free online advertising, as you don’t have to pay to do it and it helps potential clients find you online.

AdWords Beware

Google provides free Google AdWords training through Google AdWords courses. That’s right, Google provides free training for the most effective advertising platform in the world–anyone could get started on AdWords today–theoretically. But just because anyone could start their own AdWords campaign, it doesn’t mean anyone should.
Google AdWords training is a great way to get started to learn the basics but no amount of Google AdWords training can replace Google AdWords experience. Google’s AdWords training shows you how to do things in Google AdWords but it does not show you what you should do to get the best return for your business.
It is possible to throw a lot of money down the drain with AdWords without any results by the time you learn what you are doing. And, unless you plan to make your pay-per-click marketing a service you sell, getting Google AdWords training could also be a waste of time when you could be spending that time actually making money from appointments with your clients. Google’s algorithms change every day, usually several times a day, and it is a career in itself just trying to keep up with those changes.

Google Premier Partner

By now, you might strongly be considering a Google AdWords campaign for your business, and you might also be considering hiring a specialist to do it rather than going through Google AdWords training and DIYing it.
When you do look for a specialist to run your Google Ad campaigns for you, make sure to choose a Google Premier Partner, like iMatrix. Google Premier Partners have a special relationship with Google (Google lets Google Premier partners in on what major algorithms will change before they tell the general public) and the only way to be awarded that elite badge is from experience.
Still not sure if Google AdWords is right for you? Call iMatrix at 800.943.6423. for a free consultation.

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