Chiropractic Marketing Strategy Content Ideas Your Patients Will Love

As a chiropractor, we know that part of your main objective is providing services and useful information to your patients on how they can improve the function of their body and quality of life. Even when patients aren’t in your office, it’s important to continue engaging and teaching them through different chiropractic marketing tactics. 

One of the most strategic ways to do this is through content marketing. Creating content that interests your patients while boosting the SEO of your chiropractic website is a recipe for success with your chiropractic marketing strategy. 

We want to help your practice be as successful as possible, so follow along as we list some specific examples of chiropractic content ideas you can use to attract new patients and nurture the relationships you have with existing ones. 

Chiropractic Marketing Strategy Content Ideas
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Fun Chiropractic Marketing Video Ideas For Your Practice

Video has slowly but surely taken over social media platforms and the internet as a whole for the past few years and will continue to grow in the future thanks to websites like Youtube. The use of video content to engage and boost interest in businesses is a great method to expand your reach for who sees your custom content. 

Producing videos also appeals to mobile users, encourages shares on social media, and boosts conversions. Try these ideas out to help you get started! 

  1. Make a video showing you perform a chiropractic adjustment on a patient. In the video, you can explain the advantages of getting one, how often a patient should receive one, and what they can do to prolong the benefits of the adjustment. When doing these types of videos remember to always get your patients’ permission before recording and posting online. 
  1. Create a patient testimonial. Testimonials are an effective way for existing patients to share their experience about your practice and your services with other people who may be interested in your business. Find a patient that has been frequenting your clinic for some time and can vouch for the effectiveness of your chiropractic techniques as well as the professionalism of your staff. Word-of-mouth marketing can inspire someone who is weighing their option to choose you. 
  1. The benefits of physical activity are undisputed and are an important part of people’s daily routine. With COVID-19 taking the world by surprise, many were forced to adjust how and where they exercise. At-home workout routine videos have seen an increase in views and it’s the perfect time to contribute your expertise! Record a video of some simple exercises and stretches that can be performed in the home to improve, strength, balance, range of motion, or relieve back and neck pain. 

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Informational Chiropractic eBook Topics For You

Informational Chiropractic eBook Topics
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We’re sure you’ve heard of ebooks before as their popularity has grown tremendously because of their portability.  Producing chiro-specific ebooks is the perfect way to land your content in the hands of existing patients and possibly even others who are interested in learning more about chiropractic care. 

Some benefits of ebooks include: 

  • The Content is Shareable – You can send your ebooks to your patients through email marketing, promoting on your social media pages, and embedding it into your practice’s website. This can also be beneficial to your website’s search engine optimization, or SEO. You can optimize the titles as well as the text in your ebook, utilize links, and add stunning visuals. Once you create your ebook, it should be housed on a landing page on your website to boost your SEO as well. 
  • They Can be Viewed on Many Devices  – Whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, once downloaded, ebooks can go where you go and be read anywhere. 
  • eBooks Can be Interactive – Add audio, video, and whatever you can think of to spruce up your content and enhance the message you are trying to convey to readers. 

Now that you know some of the advantages of adding ebooks to your chiropractic marketing strategy, let’s go over a few ideas you can execute:

  1. Debunking Chiropractic Myths – It’s important to educate people about things that are and are not true about chiropractic treatment. You can create an ebook debunking common myths you’ve heard and the facts to dispute them so readers know how chiropractic services can actually improve their health. 
  1. Addressing Back and Neck Pain – According to the National Institute of Health, 60 to 80 percent will experience back pain, and 20 to 70 percent will experience neck pain that interferes with their daily activities during their lifetimes. That is a huge percentage of people suffering from pain and most likely looking for ways to relieve it. Use this need for relief to create an ebook about the common causes of back and neck pain, how to avoid them, and how chiropractic treatments can change their lives. 
  1. Chiropractic Care for Personal and Auto Injuries – So many people are afflicted with injuries from working at their job or being in an auto accident. An ebook is a great opportunity to address some typical injuries and conditions among patients, such as whiplash, who have been hurt in an accident or while working. Explain how your chiropractic services will better their range of motion and overall function of their body to what it was before their injury. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Start Your Very Own Chiropractic Podcast 

Start Your Very Own Chiropractic Podcast

There are thousands of podcasts out there and they’re extremely niche-specific. You can jump on the podcast train and start one that explores all things chiropractic. 

This would also give you a chance to build relationships with other chiropractors. They can be featured on your podcast and you can touch on topics that would intrigue patients and other practitioners such as:

  • Practice management for chiropractors
  • Increasing practice revenue and patient satisfaction
  • Tips to reduce stress
  • How physical activity yields optimal health
  • Benefits of chiropractic during pregnancy
  • The importance of posture
  • How stretching improves flexibility and strength 
  • Full body wellness

Each time you record a new episode of your podcast, just like with an ebook, share it on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to receive engagement, email it to existing patients, and upload it to your website to help with SEO. 

Health-Related Blog Topics That Will Interest Your Patients 

Health-Related Blog Topics
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We’ve touched on videos, ebooks, and video ideas that you can incorporate into your content marketing strategy. But of course, we can’t forget one of the most conventional, yet effective methods to increase website traffic and general interest in your practice, blog posts

Blog posts are amazing pieces of text that allow you to write content with specific keywords in mind that are relevant to the chiropractic industry and that potential patients are searching for on Google. Businesses with blogs produce 67 percent more leads per month, according to Demand Metric. Blog posts offer the chance to educate readers while also demonstrating your knowledge of the topic. 

Some benefits to having a blog for your business include: 

  • More visibility for your website when you include targeted keywords which boosts your search engine ranking
  • The opportunity to get more links to your blog and improve traffic on your site
  • Building trust with your audience and establishing yourself as an authority figure
  • Becoming more recognizable through brand awareness

Begin brainstorming subjects that you think will resonate with readers and also keyword research to determine what you should be writing. Here a few to help you get started: 

  1. How Chiropractic Increases Sports Performance
  2. What to Expect at Your First Chiropractic Appointment
  3. Exercising After an Injury 
  4. The Way Sleeping Positions Affect Your Back 
  5. Chiropractic Treatment for Tension Headaches

Once you get into the groove of writing and find the tone of voice you would like to use, you can set a schedule to stay consistent with publishing your posts online. Adding graphics is important as well as it helps get your message across to readers because the brain processes images quicker than text. Also, content with relevant images gets 94 percent more views than content without! These can be stock images, infographics, or photos you’ve taken at your practice! 

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Get Creative and Have Fun With Your Chiro Content 

Any time you create a piece of work, think about its purpose and what value it will have for your readers. What do you want them to take away from it after reading, watching, or listening to your content? When you’ve defined the purpose of each project, then begins execution and lastly promotion of the content you’ve worked so hard to produce. 

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