A Quick How-To on Getting Client Testimonials

Wondering how you can add a little zest to your website? iMatrix can help with our simple and easy-to-follow recipe for client testimonials! Not only do testimonials help reiterate what type of practice you run, they can help you market your practice to new clients and build your online reputation
These testimonials aren’t just for office use. One of the finishing touches you should include on your professionally designed website is a sprinkle of glowing testimonials from your happiest patients to help establish trust between you and prospective clients, while also building up your eye care practice’s reputation.
Check out our recipe below to learn how to whip up a few sweet and satisfying client testimonials to decorate your website. Download our client testimonial recipe now!

How to Get Client Testimonials for Your Practice


  1.  Prepare. Ask your most satisfied clients if they’re willing to participate by providing an honest review of your business and their experience. It’s important the review it comes from them in their own words– do not tell them what to say.
  2. Scoop. Direct interested clients to your profiles on online review sites to leave their review. Providing links to these pages is helpful. Alternatively, you can collect written testimonials and add to your website directly.
  3. Discard. Do not send mass emails to your client list asking for positive reviews. If a client declines to participate, thank them for their time. Testimonials should not be forced.
  4. Serve. In addition to serving up testimonials on a dedicated page on your website, drizzle a few on your homepage to sweeten your content.

Pro Tip: Consider incorporating a client testimonial into a video.

What to Do with Client Testimonials

Once you have received a few client testimonials, you can do more than share them on your website. Consider creating graphics with your testimonials and sharing them on your social channels. Or include them in the marketing materials you give to new patients when they visit you for the first time. You can also include testimonials in your office lobby as well for clients to view right when they walk in the door.

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