How to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Local Directory Listing

If you’ve read our post on The Importance of Local Business Listing Sites, then you know why getting your business listed in local directory listings is important. But how do you maximize the efficiency of your local directory listing to improve the SEO of your listings and patient experience?

The first thing to do is make sure that you’re including the important information required to create an efficient local directory listing.
What to include in your Local Directory Listings:

  • NAP (Name, address, phone number)
  • Link to your website
  • Practice description
  • Professional images
  • Business hours

If that was all it took to maximize the efficiency of your directory listings, everyone would be set, right?

Once you have the basics down, it’s time to dive into each of these components to create a directory listing that provides results. And patients.

3 Steps to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Local Directory Listing

Be Consistent with NAP

Consistency is key. Each directory listing needs to match the information you have on your website. To do this, make sure that your full NAP appears across your website on every page.

In addition to the consistent appearance of your NAP on your website, you must also use the exact same details and format when you mention your address on other websites or local listings.

You’ll also want to use markup on your NAP to give the search engines all they need to display your company information correctly.

Confirm Review Sites

The information you share on local directory listings aren’t the only places you need to check, you also want to make sure that all review sites, like Yelp, Google, and Facebook, include the same information you’re sharing in your local directory listings.

These sites typically enable users to post reviews of businesses and brands directly on their page or listing. Not only do positive reviews make a good impression on potential clients, but they also increase your business’ viability in search results.

Keywords aren’t for your website. These little gold mines can be found in both your listing information and reviews! Keywords will help boost your listing’s search engine ranking, making it more likely that potential clients will come across your practice when they’re searching for businesses like yours.

To add to the value of reviews, make sure you are responding to both positive and negative reviews to showcase your brand. Is there a review you’re particularly proud of? Showcase it on your website or social pages!
Unsure on how to respond to negative reviews? We share 6 tips here on how to handle negative reviews.

Keep Business Operating Hours Accurate

While it’s always important to keep your day to day operating hours updated in business listings, it is just as important to keep holiday hours accurate as well.

Depending on the business listing directory you’re updating, you should be able to customize hours for holidays and other special events. But if not, consider checking out our ListingPro service.

Just in case, set a reminder on your calendar to double-check your hours when you are not in the office. Also be sure that you have a clear voicemail recording stating when you will be closed so if people call ahead, they will also know.

How do your directory listings look?

Have you taken a look at how your practice currently appears in directory listings? Do the listings pass the test?

If you’re looking to capture the attention of potential patients and convince them to dial your office, you need to know what your current listings look like.

Take a moment to audit your practice now and find out just how well your directory listings look by clicking below.

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