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3 Ways to Increase Your Organic Outreach

//3 Ways to Increase Your Organic Outreach

3 Ways to Increase Your Organic Outreach

You’ve probably seen the word “organic” plastered across signs at the grocery store and heard it tossed around at hip restaurants, but what about in terms of marketing? Organic search refers to search results that are generated from search engine optimization rather than paid advertising. 

The results generated on a SERP (search engine results page) are determined by Google’s algorithm, which uses a set of criteria to rank web pages by its perceived value to the user.

Value isn’t determined by the monetary success of a web page or piece of content, but instead is gauged by the usefulness of that collateral to an audience. Is a web visitor able to learn valuable information from your page? Is it entertaining? Or does it give them everything they need to determine if your practice is right for them? These are the qualities that really matter to your audience.

While a web user and the algorithm may use different methods to judge your page’s value, there are things you can do to appeal to each. Try out these three ways to increase your organic search traffic and outreach to both current and potential clients.


1. Social Media

With 77% of Americans on social media, your business should be, too. Social media provides you with a cost-effective and efficient way to communicate with your audience, provide valuable content, and increase engagement with your brand.

Your social media pages also increase the likelihood of your practice populating on Google’s search engine results pages when users are looking for local businesses like yours. In fact, your social media pages can actually help you get on a SERP multiple times!


Decide on a Platform

Before signing up for a platform, decide which are right