How to be More Productive in the Office

Productivity is a byproduct of the kind of workplace you create for yourself and your staff. When an employee feels valued, respected, and challenged in their work environment, he or she is motivated to do their best work for your practice.
You may think that more calendars and high-pressure due dates are the best ways to enhance productivity, however, fueling an efficient staff takes a much more holistic approach. Read on to learn four easy productivity hacks to encourage your staff to make the most of their work days.


Set Measurable Goals

Goals are much easier to meet when there is a quantitative measurement to be sought after. These targets teach your staff members to think like managers and understand how their work fits into the overall success of the business. This will encourage growth for your business as well as professional growth for your employees.
For example, let’s say your goal is to increase traffic to your social media pages by a certain percent over the course of a month. This is easy for your employees to track using data tools, such as Facebook Insights, and report back to the rest of the team.
When deciding on what kind of goals to set, take each employee into consideration. Create goals for the individual as well as your practice as a whole. You may even want to consult with each staff member and ask what they would like to improve on in their role so that you can determine achievable goals together.  
30% of people claim they will leave a job that doesn’t offer a challenging work environment. Setting goals will keep your employees satisfied by giving them the opportunity to sharpen their skills and drive their career growth forward.
Whether you choose to set weekly or monthly targets, organize meetings so that you can go over the results with your team. When goals fail to be met, try not to fly off the handle and use scare tactics to encourage obedience. This rarely works and makes for a poor work environment. Instead, come together to analyze what went wrong and how you can improve upon your processes to excel in the next round.


Boost Morale

To piggyback on the notion above, your company culture has a huge impact on the productivity of your employees. Luckily, there are a number of ways to boost morale and create a company culture that enables your staff to be the best that they can be.
Align your work environment with your practice’s purpose and core values. Be sure to physically write these values out and post them where they can be visible for both your employees and your clients, such as your website and office walls. When you and your staff members are making decisions, you should think, “is this in line with our core values?”
Another great way to improve morale is to facilitate communication in the workplace. Your employees should not be afraid to pitch suggestions or voice opinions and management should be able to dish out some criticism without being seen as a tyrant. Expectations, goals, changes, and processes should be thoroughly communicated through adequate training and office meetings.
Part of this communication should be an expression of gratitude. A staggering 79% of people say that a “lack of appreciation” was the primary reason that they quit their jobs. That’s a huge percentage of your staff that you can retain by simply throwing in a “good job” or gift card to your local coffee shop once in a while. Yes, it is their job to get their projects and tasks completed, but doing so with enthusiasm warrants a well-deserved pat on the back.
Another way to improve your employees’ satisfaction at work and influence their productivity is to offer staff bonding and socialization opportunities. Your team is more likely to work well together when there is a positive working relationship between each member of your staff. Provide space, such as a break room, where employees can socialize and relax during their lunch hours.


Optimize Your Workspace

Who feels inspired to produce great work in a drab, dreary environment? Spicing up your office setting can be an excellent way to encourage productivity efficiency. Let’s start with the basics.
Good lighting has an influence on your team’s sense of well-being, with some psychologists claiming that daylight and a view of the outdoors can improve productivity in the workplace. Some studies report that productivity can improve by 2.8%  – 20% when ideal lighting levels are achieved. If you don’t have large open windows overlooking scattered trees, you can still invest in high-quality lighting fixtures to replace dingy, old fluorescent lights.
Your employee’s comfort is also an important aspect of enhancing your employee’s satisfaction rates and productivity. Since you all spend so much time within the office walls, don’t you want the space to be warm and friendly? Allow your team to contribute decor to the office and personalize their workspaces. For desk workers, ergonomic equipment can increase comfort while protecting their bodies so that the hours spent hunched over budget sheets don’t backfire on them someday.
When decorating your office, take color psychology into account. Certain colors are meant to inspire creativity, boost concentration, and improve overall mood! While you’re at the home improvement store, browse the garden section and pick up a few plants. Plants are scientifically proven to increase workers’ quality of life and productivity by lowering stress levels and increasing concentration.


Create Office Efficiencies

Implement processes that streamline your daily tasks and ensure that your team is properly trained on how to execute processes. To begin, identify pain points in your practice management that could use a little refinement.
For example, if you have a staff member that spends large chunks of their day calling to confirm appointments, you can implement automated communication tools that complete this task for you. Not only will this free up time for your employee to focus on other projects, but you can reduce the amount of no-shows or late arrivals.
Another point of contention for many practices is finding a balance between caring for current clients and continuously working to attract new ones. It’s hard to find the time to keep up to date on the latest marketing techniques while cramming back-to-back appointments into your day and answering phone calls in between sessions.
First, take a deep breath, everything is going to be okay, we promise! Second, don’t try to multitask. This may sound counter-intuitive, but you will see better results when you’re each able to focus on one thing at a time. If you find that your team is struggling to manage these demands, consider outsourcing to experts or incorporating tools to make your lives easier.


Tools, Tips, and Tricks

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