Manage Your Practice’s Online Reputation to Generate New Referral Business

How important is referral business to your practice? Are you utilizing the power of online reviews to help manage your online reputation? How about your social media presence? By allowing your practice to shine through the words of current patients and the content you share on social media you’ll find new referrals walking through your door. But how do you get started?

Generate New Referral Business with Your Online Reputation

Social Presence

Whether your patients are baby boomers or millennials, it’s likely that they’re on social media. Through friends’ suggestions and searches on the platform, they’re finding what the products, services, and information they need.
If you aren’t already, engage your current patient base and increase visibility for new patients through Facebook and Twitter with professionally branded pages. Include status updates with information about your practice, highlights of your services, and any offers you’re currently promoting to help your practice stand out from the competition.
Once your pages are up and running and include updated, relevant content posted weekly, you can begin using your social pages as resources. Consider sharing blog posts, photos of the office, and events you’ve attended to generate engagement and facilitate familiarity with your practice. You can also post upcoming offers and sales to continue spreading the word by encouraging current followers to share with their friends.

Do I Need Video?

When you look on many websites and social channels today, the one prominent feature is often a video. Gone are the days of simply showcasing photos of your practice. Potential patients want to see more. They want a real-life glimpse into your office.
Incorporating a custom practice video on your website and social channels can help showcase your specialties and the services that separate you from the competition and improve your online reputation. A video can also help draw potential patients into your practice and build familiarity for new visitors on your page.
Want to take it a step further? Make even more of an impact by targeting surrounding communities near your practice through geo targeted ads on Youtube. When your current patients see your video, they can link it when referring new patients to your practice.

Targeted Ads

Did you know that the average web user won’t go past the first five listings on a search engine results page? More than 67% of all clicks go to the top 5 listings. So how do you make sure that your business is seen?
You’ll need to get on the first page of Google.
But how? Through advanced SEO techniques and targeted online advertisements, you will rapidly increase the amount of relevant, local traffic to your website. By utilizing tools like Google Adwords to creating geo-targeted ads on Google and specifically targeting keywords on your website that relate to your practice location, you can reach the direct markets you want to connect with.
When someone refers their friend to a business in person, the first thing that friend will do is search for your business online. Once people can find you via a simple Google search, you’ll begin to see an increase in referral leads and revenue.

Reviews Made Easy

One of the best ways to increase new referral business is to offer easy ways for current patients to review your business online. Once potential patients see the benefits of your practice, it’ll be easier to get them through the door and keep them coming back.
Enable patients to easily review your business by adding links to your review pages directly on your website and social channels. Highlight your good reviews on a testimonials page and in social media posts so that they are not only visible on the review site but on your branded pages as well.
Consider adding a small line at the bottom of your email communications asking patients to review your practice if they’ve had a great experience or reach out to you directly if anything didn’t meet their expectations. That way you can nip any issues in the bud prior to them leaving their experience in a review online for potential patients to see.

Get More Referral Traffic

In addition to asking for reviews, encourage more referrals with refer-a-friend prompts included in every email your practice sends. Help patients share the love via email or social with simple share options right at their fingertips. When you make the process as easy as possible, your current clients will be more than willing to help out and start generating new referral business for your practice.

Manage your online reputation and start bringing in new referrals!

In addition to custom, mobile-responsive websites and advanced search engine optimization that can improve your website’s search rankings, we will soon offer the tools you need to take your business reputation and patient relationship management to the next level.
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