Cut Down On Your Staff's Workload with a Website

What are some tasks your staff has to spend a lot of time on? Tasks that don’t involve actually helping you with your pet patients? The answer is probably a lot of intake, client communication, and explanations.

An easily updated veterinary website can dramatically reduce the time your staff spends on such tasks, allowing them to spend more time with patients, which is probably why they wanted to work in a veterinary clinic to begin with.

Read on to learn about the five easy ways a veterinary website can streamline your veterinary practice management.

5 Ways Veterinary Websites Cuts Down On Staff Workload

1. Cut down on phone time.

Many veterinary practices have so many phone calls that they must get multiple phone lines and, as you know, these calls are not just for appointments. Many of the time it is clients or potential clients asking questions such as, “Do you perform this particular service?”

When this information is listed on your veterinary website, then you can expect your staff’s time spent on the phone answering these questions to be dramatically reduced because, even if someone calls to ask, your staff can easily direct them to look at your website to find out all about your practice and the services provided after answering their initial question.

In this age of GPS and smartphones, you may get calls about how to actually find your location less frequently, but a map on your veterinary practice website that gives directions and includes pictures of what your building looks like helps ensure that your patients never get lost.

2. Online Payments

Many veterinary practices sell prescription medication, pet food, and other pet supplies, which makes having an online shopping option incredibly useful for streamlining your business. Instead of having clients come in and utilize your staff’s valuable time making product purchases, with an online store your clients can buy the items they need and have them shipped directly to their door.

If you use an advanced veterinary website, such as a VetMatrix website, you can take payments from patients online in your online store. This online shopping will streamline in-office appointments. Your clients will appreciate saving time as well!

3. Educating your clients

Sometimes your clients just don’t know how to properly care for their pet – how to groom them, how to feed them, how to exercise them – and are looking for advice or tips. Your staff may not have to time to explain all of these tips to every client within the time frame of their visit.

This is where your veterinary website comes in. On your website, you can highlight any pet care knowledge you want your clients to know. You can do this on the blog section of your website, or if you are a VetMatrix client, you can even send out periodic newsletters reminding your clients of proper veterinary care. Having this resource can provide value and time savings for each appointment with a client.

4. Paperwork

A client with a huge dog comes into your practice and the owner sits down to fill out paperwork. Then a client with a cat comes in and sits down to also fill out paperwork. Nothing can stop the dog from barking, and both the dog’s owner and the cat’s owner slow down in their filling out of the paperwork because they are distracted by their pets.

Meanwhile, your staff is smiling behind the reception desk but wishing they had earplugs because this is the fifth time this has happened today. Everyone’s life would be so much easier if clients came in with paperwork already filled out–which can be an option with a veterinary website.

Including various forms and paperwork on your website means that your clients can help get a jump start on their initial check-in by having this paperwork already filled out by the time they get to your office. No more distractions and no more delays!

5. Marketing

Think of your website as the window into your practice. Instead of spending time on minimally effective marketing techniques like mail fliers, your staff can devote half as much time to maintaining your website often with better (and trackable!) results. A practice’s website is often the first thing a potential client looks at when deciding what veterinary practice to go to.

Make sure that when you choose your veterinary website, you choose one that is not only attractive but easy to edit. VetMatrix provides beautiful websites with an extremely easy-to-use editor, as well as unlimited tech support for those times when your staff just doesn’t have enough time to make edits themselves.

A website is your veterinary practice management solution

Hopefully, your veterinary website is doing all these things for you because if not, it might be time to re-evaluate your website provider for your staff’s sake and your practice’s sake.

Here at VetMatrix, we understand the hectic situations that can happen in a veterinary office, and we make sure to tailor our websites to make them easy for your business.

Call us today at 866-788-2991 for a no-obligation consultation to find out about the services we provide to your practice to streamline your veterinary practice management.

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