VetMatrix Announces Partnership with Kontak

Kontak and Vetmatrix partner up

VetMatrix, a leading provider of digital marketing solutions for veterinary practices has helped many veterinarians communicate more effectively, streamline their front office operations, reach their ideal audience, improve their online presence, and connect with their clients on a more meaningful level. 

Now more than ever, it’s important to streamline your patient flow. That’s why we are pleased to announce our new partnership with Kontak. Together, this partnership effectively enables both companies to provide even better service and growth opportunities to veterinary practices across the country.

Grow Your Practice With Every Conversation Online

Kontak provides 24/7 LiveChat services to veterinary hospitals. Their agents warmly welcome your veterinary website visitors at all hours, prioritizing a wide range of inquiries and ensuring an excellent customer experience. And in today’s tech-savvy world, clients expect to see chat on the websites they visit, and Kontak makes it happen. 

Kontak agents reduce the strain on your staff, saving 73% of a CSR’s time on inquiries they handle, while attracting 4x more new clients from your website, adding an average of $10,000/mo in new client value per hospital.  

Whether your clients choose to chat online, text, or reach out through your Facebook page, Kontak’s trained agents handle most inquiries, so your CSRs do not have to. 

Your Benefits: What This Partnership Means to Your Practice

As a busy veterinary practice, answering phone calls, responding to emails, sending out patient intake forms, newsletters, promotions, and updating your website can be quite challenging and stressful. VetMatrix and Kontak can help relieve that stress and save you time.

1. Attract and Retain More Pet Patients

Most of your current and potential clients visit your website when they have questions regarding a particular service or product they need answers on. Treat your website like it’s your virtual veterinary practice and engage with clients using live, friendly, and capable customer service representatives you can count on 24/7.

With Kontak and a professionally designed website from VetMatrix, your current and potential clients will be able to solve the problems they came to your website for. Users will be able to easily navigate your site, services, specialties, blogs, newsletter signs ups, fill out forms, and if patients have clinical questions, Kontak will be there to connect them with one of your veterinary staff members.

By adding live chat to your veterinary website, your site will be more interactive, build trust, and attract new clients. 

2. Streamline Your Front Office 

Nearly 30% of new client appointment requests occur after hours. Using your professionally designed website, clients will be able to find your services faster and communicate with your practice at any time using live chat. This will help you and your staff save time because fewer calls will go through, letting them focus on other office matters. You’ll have a team of agents helping you schedule, confirm or reschedule appointments or answer any questions, etc. 

3. Improve Your Patient Experience 

More than half of patients say they would rather schedule an appointment online than call the practice. Stop drowning in phone calls and connect with clients wherever they are most comfortable. With a team behind your website answering questions, as well as booking appointments, it can remove any friction from your staff and clients as well. Here are some examples of how Kontak and VetMatrix can help improve your client experience: 

  • Even when your office is closed, your clients can reach your practice by speaking to a live representative outside of business hours.
  • Your clients can chat with someone from Kontak if their pet is acting up in the middle of the night. Your clients will really appreciate the instant guidance, and you will improve their experience.
  • Your front desk will no longer be overwhelmed by calls that slow down employees and leave customers dissatisfied.  A Kontak team member will qualify inquiries and direct them to your front desk for a more efficient process.

Join Us and Get a Special Discount for Your Veterinary Practice

We’re excited to help our veterinarians serve more clients in the months and years ahead–and joining forces with Kontak will make those relationships much more effective. To learn more about the services provided by VetMatrix and Kontak, and to receive a special discount, click here

Let Us Help You Gain And Retain More Ideal Patients

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