15 Chiropractic YouTube Channels Every Chiropractor Should Subscribe To

Want to see what chiropractors like you are doing on YouTube? YouTube is a great platform for reaching a wider audience and promoting your brand. Check out these chiropractors on YouTube made by chiropractic professionals to learn the latest trending topics, tips, tricks, and innovations.

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1. Chiropractic Medicine of Pain Relief Chiropractic

Chiropractic Medicine is one of the best chiropractors on YouTube. It’s the official YouTube channel of Pain Relief Chiropractic, a practice located in Mechanicsburg, PA.

This YouTube channel offers relaxing yet educational materials for better self-care practices, particularly regarding pain management. This channel provides valuable insights into what patients need help with.

Chiropractic Medicine has over 701,000 subscribers and over 241 million views. This is an impressive feat, considering the page was created only last 2018. This channel’s most viewed content involves a lot of back cracking and scoliosis-related cases. The Chiropractic Medicine channel has 701K subscribers. Check it out here.

2. Dr. Gabriele Benedetti

Dr. Gabriele Benedetti is the official YouTube channel of the osteopath of the same name. Firstly, this particular channel focuses on chiropractic and osteopathic ASMR adjustments.

Every week, the channel releases a new video detailing the experience of people who sought out Dr. Benedetti for pain relief. By subscribing to this channel, you learn about patients’ common pain points and what your practice can promote to cater to market needs. This includes practical advice, including details about managing pain and the satisfaction of a great chiropractic visit. 

As a trusted chiropractic doctor, Dr. Gabriele Benedetti’s channel has over 974,000 subscribers and more than 291 million views. The account has been active since 2011. Gabriele Benedetti’s channel has 974K subscribers. Check it out here.

3. Chiro Core

Many people find bone-cracking videos satisfying because it’s nice to see people feel relieved after enduring so much. Chiro Core is a great YouTube channel that focuses on chiropractic adjustments. It’s the best channel for people who enjoy watching pops and cracks from pain relief.

So, this particular YouTube channel offers chiropractic professionals valuable insight into the pain-related issues most people experience. You learn what kind of adjustments your patients would appreciate the most.

Since the channel was launched in 2016, Chiro Care has amassed over 949,000 subscribers and more than 355 million views. Among its most popular content include bone-cracking compilations and toe cracks. Chiro Core channel has 946K subscribers. Check it out here.

4. Kalkstein Chiropractic

Kalkstein Chiropractic is the YouTube channel of the chiropractic practice of the same name. This family-based chiropractic practice specializes in content for health-conscious folks who want to feel better faster.

This channel instructs people on better care for themselves through chiropractic care. Watching their videos gives you insights into what kind of services health-conscious individuals would appreciate. These include detailed visits, dry needling, and neck adjustments to bounce back from injuries or intense pain from exercise.

The Kalkstein Chiropractic channel has over 118 thousand subscribers and almost 6 million views. The channel was launched in 2015. Kalkstein Chiropractic channel has 118K subscribers. Check it out here.

5. Strength-N-U

Strength-N-U is a YouTube channel that specializes in therapy and fitness. It’s a great channel that showcases the role of pain management in one’s fitness journey.

As a chiropractic practice, you learn what kind of services athletes and fitness enthusiasts would appreciate the most. You know which services you can market to people passionate about fitness. If you only service a select market, this is a great channel to learn how to encourage people to make an extended visit.

Strength-N-U has more than 64 thousand subscribers and more than 11.2 million views. The YouTube page has been up since 2011. Strength-N-U channel has 64K subscribers. Check it out here.

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6. Advanced Chiropractic Relief

 Advanced Chiropractic Relief is the YouTube channel of chiropractic professional Dr. Gregory Johnson. This YouTube channel showcases patient success stories to entice others to visit their practice.

If you’re looking to market more complex procedures, this is the best channel to explain the value of each service. After all, Dr. Johnson specializes in advanced pain relief. You can get great ideas on content creation by watching how this channel describes each process. It details what kind of pain relief chiropractic practices can offer patients.

This YouTube channel has over 225 thousand subscribers and over 81 million views. It has been active since 2012. Advanced Chiropractic Relief channel has 225K subscribers. Check it out here.

7. Dr. Beau Hightower

Dr. Beau Hightower is not your usual chiropractic professional channel. This chiropractic professional is famous for using an oversized hammer and nail when addressing patients’ pain points. Moreover, his channel features many celebrities and fitness influencers.

You learn what kind of pain relief procedures attract the most views by subscribing to this YouTube channel. You might even get inspired by the influencers you might want to partner with in the future.

This YouTube channel has over 1.62 million subscribers and over 506 million views. The page has been active since 2007. Dr. Beau Hightower’s channel has 1.62 M subscribers. Check it out here.

8. Mondragon Chiropractic

Mondragon Chiropractic is the official YouTube page of Dr. Brenda Mondragon. This YouTube channel posts the experiences of her patients as well as Dr. Mondragon’s personal routines.

This channel teaches what services most people find exciting and what pain points people would like addressed. You might even be enticed to share your routines as well.

With over 2.01 million subscribers, this channel has over 655 million views. It has been active since 2014. Mondragon Chiropractic channel has 2.01M subscribers. Check it out here.

9. Dr. Rahim Gonstead

Dr. Rahim Gonstead is the official YouTube channel of the chiropractic professional of the same name. This YouTube channel focuses on how Dr. Gonstead has helped people through their various pain points.

Plus, this YouTube channel offers more than cracking bones. It gives people insight into the impact of professional chiropractic services on people’s pain relief journey. You’ll learn how to upsell the value of your services through this channel.

This YouTube channel has more than 1.68 million subscribers and 530 million views. The page has been active since 2015. Dr. Rahim Gonstead’s channel has 1.68 Million subscribers. Check it out here.

10. So Cal Chiropractic

So, Cal Chiropractic is the official YouTube page of chiropractic professional Dr. Ace Thayer. His mission is to find solutions to complicated health issues through chiropractic care.

This channel’s content shows you the profound impact chiropractic services have on people with complex issues. If your goal is to market complicated procedures, this YouTube channel delivers a meaningful way to do it.

With over 157 thousand subscribers, this YouTube channel has more than 54 million views. It has been active since 2011. So, the Cal Chiropractic channel has 157K subscribers. Check it out here.

11. Dr. Brett Jones

Dr. Brett Jones is a YouTube channel that publishes chiropractic videos, original music, and inspirational content. If you aim to open a holistic YouTube channel, you might get some ideas from this channel.

Dr. Jones demonstrates pain relief and shares his insight on racism and meditation. It’s one of the best channels for professionals who want to share more than chiropractic care.

This YouTube channel has over 80.9 thousand subscribers and over 22 million views. The channel has been active since 2011. Dr. Brett Jones’s channel has 70.9K subscribers. Check it out here.

12. The Evidence-Based Chiropractor

The Evidence-Based Chiropractor delivers its audience chiropractic marketing tips, research updates, and ways to help your practice grow. It’s an excellent page for chiropractors wanting to advance in the digital marketing game.

To advance your practice through digital marketing, you should subscribe to this channel. This page offers great advice to navigate your business moving forward. It also provides clients with stellar insights to improve their lifestyles.

This page has 5.97 thousand subscribers and over 692 thousand views. The page has been active since 2016. The Evidence-Based Chiropractor channel has 5.97K subscribers. Check it out here.

13. Dr. Joseph Cipriano DC

Dr. Joseph Cipriano DC is the official YouTube channel of the chiropractor of the same name. Based in Tampa, Florida, Dr. Cipriano is a doctor on a mission to change the world one patient at a time. His content focuses on treatments for real-life patients, and he utilizes the power of ASMR to make his content more appealing.

His content ranges from first-time patients to celebrity patients. If you want to learn how to make chiropractic ASMR content, this YouTube channel is an excellent platform for inspiration.

The page has 2.21 million subscribers and over 539 million views. He has been active on YouTube since March 2018. Dr. Joseph Cipriano DC has 2.21M subscribers. Check it out here.

14. DrJason

DrJason is the official YouTube channel of Dr. Jason Worrall, a chiropractor based in Miami, Florida. His page is unique as it focuses on inspiring his audience to achieve greatness through his specialty in chiropractic care.

He makes videos about his adventures, chiropractic cases involving kids, and many more. If you want to brand your business as a holistic motivational partner, this is a stellar YouTube channel you can learn from.

The page has 1.25 million subscribers and more than 461 million views. His YouTube page has been active since 2010. DrJason has 1.25M subscribers. Check it out here.

15. Dr. Doug Willen: House of Chiro

Most chiropractors on YouTube focus on people, but did you know that some practitioners work on animals, too? Dr. Doug Willen of the House of Chiro is a chiropractor based in New York City specializing in humans AND animals.

His content gives viewers a sneak peek of what happens during chiropractic sessions. He’s been on YouTube since 2011, with his original YouTube channel, the Health Hacker.

The page has 253 thousand subscribers and over 67 million views. He started this particular channel in 2018. Dr. Doug Willen: House of Chiro has 253k subscribers. Check it out here.

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Author: Juan Mejia

Juan Mejia is an experienced content creator with more than a decade of multimedia storytelling experience. He’s worked as a journalist, content writer and video editor in the technology, healthcare and digital marketing industries. Juan writes ebooks, whitepapers, infographics and other multimedia content for iMatrix, providing expert knowledge in digital content marketing.

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