How to Create Engaging Optometry Facebook Posts

Having a social media presence is essential for any business, regardless of what industry you’re in. If you want your company to stand out among the competition, you need to create a stellar social media marketing strategy to reach your target audience.

With over 4.89 billion users on social media as of 2023, your optometry practice would be missing out on a huge opportunity to reach more patients in your area. Through social media, you can nurture your relationships with your current patients. This way, they won’t visit your business only once and then forget your office

By investing time and effort into a social media strategy, you can also build your business’s credibility online. These efforts will help strengthen your online presence and establish your optometry practice as more of a trusted healthcare provider. Moreover, you can entice more people to visit your clinic. The more aware people are of your practice, the more likely they will book an appointment with you. Healthcare practices like chiropractors and optometrists need to stay relevant to stand out among the competition. Marketing yourself on social media is an effective way of doing so.

What Makes An Engaging Optometrist Facebook Post?

When used correctly, social media can also be an excellent marketing tool. Social media provides your optometry practice an opportunity to tell compelling stories. Your storytelling efforts are integral to your overall marketing strategy by creating a cohesive narrative and story online. From great images, use of video, and catchy captions, all these elements come together to bring your social media ideas to life.

An effective optometry social media strategy can help your business reach its goals and grow within the local community and beyond. If you’re struggling to navigate through various social media platforms, we at iMatrix are here to help. We can help take your social media engagement to the next level.

Use Quality Photos Of Your Optometry Practice

Wouldn’t you get turned off if you saw a business website or social media page with photos of poor quality? Given that your business specializes in eye health, it would only be practical that you post higher-quality photos.

The first key to polishing your social media account is choosing quality over quantity. You can buy stock photos of optometrists in their office with equipment or patients with new glasses. You can also work with marketing agencies for downloadable posts of excellent quality. If you want your business to stand out among other eyecare accounts, you should also consider investing in a professional photoshoot that would showcase what your individual optometry practice offers.

For example, you can invite patients to be in your photos. Some ideas can include a photo shoot of patients trying on glasses during an appointment or during their eye exam. This gives your business the opportunity to show your online community your interaction with current patients.

Take Videos to Amp Up Your Social Media Presence

If you want to get more attention and views online, posting high-quality videos is an excellent way to do so. From short to long optometry videos, more people, including potential patients, respond better to video content. Videos can be a powerful marketing tool not only on social media, but your other marketing platforms.

So what kind of videos can your business produce to entice more people to see your business’s worth? You can provide valuable insights into how your business operates through videos of how you would usually conduct an eye health exam.

You can also create an office tour video to show viewers the different parts of your office including the behind-the-scenes areas only staff usually see. This type of video helps potential patients familiarize themselves with your practice layout. It also gives prospective patients a sneak peek of what to expect if they do book an appointment with you.

As a business owner, you’re not the only person who interacts with clients to improve customer satisfaction. Your team is instrumental in keeping your practice up and running. You should post a video (or series) that shows the people who help you in your day-to-day operations. Your staff would appreciate being included in your marketing efforts. This would also position your business in a positive light because it shows how much you value your team.

Publish Promotional Posts For Optometry Practices

If you have a sale on contact lenses or if you want to promote your services to new patients, it would be a stellar idea to publish promotional posts on your social media business accounts. Remember, posting content in a  timely manner is essential for more people to become aware of your special offerings. Here are sale posts you can explore:

  • Want to see the future? Our new specs are available at 10% OFF! 
  • Get an eye exam FOR FREE when you schedule a LASIK surgery today. 
  • Two good to be true! Buy one pair of contact lenses and get the second pair at 30% OFF!

If you’re offering special limited-time offers, you should ensure that your target demographic is aware of it. If your practice is running a promotion, like 20 percent off their next eye exam, post about it! Here are some ideas you can try:

  • BLACK FRIDAY SALE ALERT! Get 10% off ANY SERVICE if you buy an appointment until November 30!
  • Give your loved ones the gift of perfect vision this Christmas. We’re offering 30% off on gift vouchers for eye exams! 

If you want to leverage your online community, it would be an excellent idea to hold social media contests. Social media contests can help increase engagement on your social media platforms and promote your business. The key to posts on contests is to post all the information users need to enter the contest. Then include the rules, end date and time, if they get extra entries for tagging friends and the like. 

Social media contests are useful in incentivizing your followers to engage with your business because they stand to gain something from their participation. Contests can be of value to you too because you can drive traffic to your website and practice. What kind of social media contests can you mount? Here are some concepts that might work for your business:

  • Post your favorite selfie wearing your glasses or sunglass products
  • Share the contest posts and tag 3 friends to like your social media pages
  • Publish pictures or videos of them in your clinic and the one with the most reactions win

Share Educational Posts

If you want to position your practice as a thought leader in the industry, it would be a stellar idea to share educational posts that can be of value to your community. For example, you can share an eye-catching yet simple-to-understand infographic that provides information about general health and wellness for eyecare. You can source information from reputable optometry publications to back up your claims.

You can also share interesting research or breakthroughs within the eyecare industry. Are there innovations that may be a game changer for your patients? You should feel free to share for their benefit.

As mentioned, you shouldn’t hesitate to share content from other credible optometry pages like eye care newsletters. Reposting their posts might be valuable content your audience needs.

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Create Patient Care Posts

Optometry practices that show that they care for their patients would have a better chance of winning over more potential clients. It would be lovely if your business posted patient reminders on social media.

You should remind your patients to take care of themselves and prioritize their eye health. Every now and then, you should post a simple graphic or video that encourages patients to receive treatment. This would keep your optometry practice top of mind for people’s eye care needs.

Make Holiday-Themed Posts

Another stellar way to remain relevant in the social media marketing game is to make holiday-themed posts. Is there an upcoming holiday like Christmas or Valentine’s Day? Add some fun into your social media strategy by posting interesting and timely posts.

Consider also adding the following to your social media calendar:

  • Local community events
  • Optometrists or opticians answer common questions
  • Conduct polls with New Glasses of the month
  • Interesting trivia

Craft Informative and Inspiring Captions

Once optometry practices like you have determined what kind of posts you would like to create, the next step is to brainstorm for excellent captions. When crafting optometry captions, you should keep your target audience in mind. Your messages on eye care posts should target them specifically.

If you’re a new player on eye care social media, here are some fun captions you can try using on your pages:

  • We think you are spectacular!
  • Sometimes, all you need is a new perspective.
  • You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy new glasses.
  • You’ve got specs appeal.
  • Be kind. Work hard. Wear killer glasses.

When developing optometrist caption ideas like captions, you shouldn’t settle with your first draft. Don’t be afraid to change things up until you find the perfect way to communicate with your target market.

Start Your Own Series

While everyone else follows the same reused hashtags or only posts on special holidays, your optometry practice offers something more original. You shouldn’t be afraid of thinking out of the box and creating campaigns that you think your audience would respond to.

Think about your journey as an optometry practice, and ponder on your community. From there, you and your team can brainstorm for more original content ideas. How do you go about this? Let’s say that your clinic is located in a historic building. Your optometrists can lean on this and discuss the building’s history.

Create A Social Media Calendar

By now, you’ve probably come up with so many ideas that your audience might love. How can you ensure that your social media platforms will remain professional and polished? Creating a social media calendar is great for organizing content and scheduling posts weeks in advance. 

The key to a well-curated social media presence is planning everything in advance. While your business should be flexible for timely content, creating a calendar is a step in the right direction for creating high-quality content.

BONUS TIP: Follow Other Great Content Creators

You can get inspiration from other great content creators not only on Facebook, but on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and podcasts. There are plenty of optometry practices that have successful social media marketing strategies. You can learn a thing or two from following their best practices.

Creating quality content on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is just as important as the content you produce for your website and other marketing platforms. You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment to determine the type of content that your audience responds to the most.

Seeking Expert Help For Social Media Marketing And Beyond

Boost your social media practice with the help of marketing professionals who can save your practice time and resources. We at iMatrix provide excellent professional services including more than just social media! 

Let’s work together to take your optometry Facebook posts to the next level. For more information on digital marketing packages that include content creation, call 800.792.8384 or click here.

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