How to Grow Your Chiropractic Business

The goal of every chiropractic practice is to continue growing. How do you do that? A good business plan can help you achieve your goals and market your chiropractic clinic. The following tips are here to help you create an effective сhiropractic marketing strategy.

Explore your options to expand to new cities and enjoy a new degree of success. You want to make sure you support your goals by having a stellar marketing plan to make these plans attainable. To help, use this as a checklist to help guide you while encompassing your business plan that will take your practice to new heights.

Create Promotional Offers for New Patients

Chiropractors like you can grow your business through promotional offers to generate buzz about your practice. The key to enticing potential patients to try something new. More patients will be intrigued by your services when you put a unique spin on your current offers.

Here are some ideas to explore to make your chiropractic business stand out:

  • Create a spa-like feel for a promotional campaign that focuses on therapeutic massages. New patients are entitled to a special introductory price of $69.
  • Cater to injured athletes by coming up with a post-injury rehabilitation package. It would be helpful if you could give them preferential rates since recovery would take several sessions.
  • Capitalize on mother’s day by offering mothers a free consultation session. This session is an excellent opportunity to share about your services and packages.

Highlight how your services can help students with their neck and back problems due to long hours studying if you’re located near colleges. You can even offer a student discount for the younger crowd to procure your services.

Pay it forward to veterans by offering them a special discount. Small business owners can attract patients by showing that they care about the community and those in service of the country.

Come up with a referral program to engage current patients. Every time your current patient refers a new patient to your practice, they should be given a particular discount or freebie. This will encourage them to invite their friends to visit your office space.

Most chiropractic clinics offer the same service. The goal of these special promos is to position your own practice as a unique place they can trust. Your patients should understand the value of these services due to your experience, service, or other exceptional quality.

Location, Location, Location

Desert themed chiropractic website design.

What makes one chiropractic clinic unique from another? Take time to survey the locations of your chiropractic practice to highlight your business’s X factor. The locations of your existing practice can be instrumental in devising unique selling points to attract new patients.

For example, suppose your chiropractic office is located in the hustle and bustle of a downtown city. In that case, you can position your business as a relaxing environment away from the stress of the daily grind. Incorporate your location into your chiropractic website design. Your website is an opportunity to show patients how your chiropractic services can improve their lives.

If your clinic is located in a health-conscious community, you should highlight how chiropractic services can complement their holistic lifestyle. You can focus on how chiropractic care serves as functional medicine and aid you in nutrition. 

What if your chiropractic business is in a suburban area? You should look for special interest groups you can cater to.

If your practice is in a small town, you can position yourself as a friend they can trust. Positioning yourself as a friendly neighbor who wants to help can make a significant difference when trying to reach out to a small neighborhood.

When devising marketing plans, you should consider your patients, their needs, and possible aspirations. The key is to market your chiropractic techniques as ways to improve their lifestyle. What do the people in your area want and need? By shifting your marketing ideas and strategies to what your customers need, you can position your practice as a place that can help them solve their pain.

Keep Your Chiropractic Practice’s Online Listings Updated

Your practice’s online business listing serves as your digital calling card. You can drive more traffic to your website and boost your online presence by ensuring your business listings are accurate and up-to-date.

When people are interested in searching for chiropractors in your area, they usually look for options via search engines. You want your online business listing to be in the list of options they get to choose from for them to potentially become future patients. 

Here are some key details you should check in your business listings online:

  • Operating hours.
  • Address locations
  • Office phone numbers
  • Website links
  • Photos of location 

These efforts ensure that your chiropractic practice will be included in the list of options when people search for chiropractic care in your area. Remember that people who look at online directories are those interested in your services. Hence, you should make the service for your practice as convenient as possible. You can learn more about the value of business listings here.

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Try a New Website Design to Freshen Things Up

Your chiropractic website provides patients with a preview of what to expect from your office. 

It’s not enough to simply have a website. A good design can attract potential clients and generate more traffic for your website.. You can also share practical advice you learned from chiropractic school to show people how knowledgeable you are in the chiropractic profession. Your website is a valuable online platform that can make or break your business. 

So what makes a well-designed website? Your website aesthetic provides a glimpse into your practice and what patients can expect on a visit. If your practice specializes in fitness services, your website should reflect how your specialty is in exercise recovery and injury rehabilitation.

If you want to highlight how your practice is a trusted healthcare partner, your website can focus on patient testimonials and reviews.

A great example of a compelling website is the Harrisburg design. This website design has an innovative dimensional video displaying a spinal graphic on the homepage. The video that automatically plays when you open the website highlights the science behind chiropractic care.

Another awesome example is the Gallery design. This website design focuses on various service specialties. This feature makes it easier for your potential clients to find what exactly they’re looking for on your website. 

When you’re thinking about a new website design, think about what your chiropractic business stands for and what you do best. Don’t just follow trends enjoy trying something new and exciting. Your website design should be a clear and compelling representation of you, your brand, and the service people can expect from your practice.

Reward Patients for Leaving Positive Reviews

Online reviews vector on a lap top.

Online reviews are the modern version of word-of-mouth advertising. For the past few years, businesses have leveraged people’s positive experiences to market themselves better. People on the internet trust the experience of others to serve as a reference for what they can expect from your practice.

Negative reviews can stunt your chiropractic practice’s growth in so many ways. First of all, people might get turned off by your practice because of some people’s horrible experiences. When you’re unpopular online, fewer people might get enticed to visit your office and try out your services.

To foster more positive reviews encourage your existing patients to leave positive reviews about your practice. Try having a rewards program to drive more people to take the time to write their stories online. The incentive will push them to write kind words about your practice.

They might even encourage other patients to do the same as well. Not only should you encourage people to write positive reviews, but you should monitor your online reviews as well. Being proactive in reputation management shows people that you care about what your patients think, and you’re always looking for ways to improve your practice.

Reputation management can even help you use negative reviews as an opportunity to mend your relationships with unhappy patients. You can make amends with these patients, and offer them free services to showcase how you value their opinion. This is a great way to change their minds about your business.

Other people on the internet get to see how you address negative comments. Making an effort to address these comments shows them that the opinion of your patients matters to you and your practice.

Launch a new e-mail campaign for your chiropractic office

Over the years, your chiropractic business has amassed many email addresses from patient forms and online newsletters. While it’s good to market your services and promos on your website and social media, email newsletters are another effective way to send prospects offers.

First, email newsletters are a great opportunity to detail the new promos you offer to clients. They’re also effective in generating more awareness about the marketing campaigns you’ve worked hard on. You want to reach out to as many people as possible, and email campaigns can help broaden your reach.

Emails are vital in building a repertoire with your existing patients. They have become vital in building strong relationships with your clientele. Through e-mail marketing, you can easily keep in touch with your clients. You’ll be top of mind in case they would need your services again in the future. You might even convince them to try your latest offerings.

When it comes to e-mail marketing, your goal should be to expand your list continuously. Aside from past patients, you should encourage website visitors to be part of your e-mail list. You should make an effort to entice them to return to you for further care.

Email Campaign Ideas For Chiropractors:

Emails are not just a marketing tool to promote your new offers. If you’ve got a new website design, you can send a ‘how to’ email for people to navigate your website easily. You can highlight your website’s new features for patients to possibly explore them further.

For example, if a patient visits your practice once and never returns, you should take the time to remind them of follow-up treatments that can improve their unique situation. It’s not enough to simply send e-mail blasts to everyone. Providing a personalized e-mail can make a massive difference in e-mail marketing.

Here’s another example, it’s your patient’s birthday, you can send a birthday voucher or discount to entice them to go back to your practice. That person would appreciate it if you took note of his birthday. At the same time, he will be excited to use the birthday promo you offered.

Lastly, if the holidays are coming up, you can position your practice as a place for them to recover from all the holiday planning and stress. There are plenty of ways to capitalize on e-mail marketing. They are versatile and effective in generating patient leads.

Paid Ads for Your Own Chiropractic Practice

chiropractor near me appearing in search results.

Looking for fast results to market your chiropractic business? You should invest in targeted ads. You can reach a wider audience.

As a start, you can explore pay-per-click ads on Google. Pay-per-click ad campaigns can effectively market your current promos. Essentially, your chiropractic practice only pays when a person clicks on the ad. Google has a suite of advertising tools that makes it easy for small businesses to reach their target market at a low cost.

Targeted ads let you claim the top spot in search engine results. When people search for chiropractors in your area or your line of expertise, you will be top of mind. While SEO efforts can help you claim the top spot over time, targeted ads allow you to reach your target market faster.

For time-sensitive offers, targeted ads let you reach out to a broader audience. Hence, you have a better chance of enticing more people to take advantage of your promos.

It’s not enough to simply place targeted ads online. You should take things a step further by creating custom landing pages for each ad. Every ad your place online should have a corresponding call-to-action. The ad’s corresponding landing page can convert website visitors to actual patients.


Expanding marketing efforts is much easier with professional help for guidance and to ensure results. Your chiropractic practice already has a lot on its hands. We can help your successful chiropractic practice grow further through a solid plan to make you stand out from the competition.

To help you get started, you can call us at 888.792.8384. We’ll schedule you with a free consultation to build a successful marketing strategy for your veterinary practice.

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