Top 5 Features Your Pet Hospital Website Should Have

A pet hospital dedicates time and hard work towards providing its furry patients quality veterinary care that saves lives. But how can pet owners learn about your expert care? One of the most vital pet care marketing tools your hospital should prioritize is your professional website. Your website should be accessible, visible, and efficient in communicating important information to prospective patients who need it.

An effective pet hospital website showcases your best veterinary care services and shouldn’t just be aesthetically pleasing. Your website should have website features that not only elevate everyone’s user experience on your site but are also highly engaging.  Your pet hospital website should be accessible, visible, and efficient in communicating important information to prospective patients who need it.

After all, your website is integral to making an overall good impression on prospective patients in your area. You should also evaluate these website features to see if they’re helping your pet hospital achieve its goals. So, which website features should you consider adding to your veterinary business site?

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Feature #1: Add FAQs To Your Pet Care Website

Do pet owners usually raise the same concern about food allergies, emergency services, or how to book an appointment? Your website can spare them having to call phone numbers or a visit from your clinic by answering their queries online.

Adding FAQs to your veterinary website helps free up your staff’s time to help patients who are the most in need of quicker services. Moreover, improving your website traffic can help your practice ranking on search engines.

What questions should you include in your FAQs? Here are a few to consider adding to your website:

  • What are your clinic hours?
  • Where is your pet hospital located?
  • Do you have various branches or one pet hospital only?
  • Is your pet hospital family-friendly?
  • Do you accept walk-in patients, or do you need to set an appointment?
  • Do you offer veterinarian house calls?
  • What kind of services do you offer?
  • What type of pet patients do you accept?
  • Do you offer emergency care for life-and-death situations?
  • How can clients contact your clinic?
  • Can you request a specific doctor?
  • Do you focus on a particular category of pet care?
  • Do you provide vaccinations for cats?
  • How many doctors does your hospital have?
  • Do you sell pet medication?

Feature #2: Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

designing a mobile responsive website

If you want your website visitors to have a truly wonderful experience, consider the devices they use to access your pet care website. With more and more people accessing your website via smartphones, the importance of putting together a mobile-responsive site cannot be overstressed.

With a mobile-friendly website, your clients on mobile devices would enjoy the same website experience as those using their desktops. Your online community could read client testimonials, watch videos, and check out the stellar dog photos you’ve worked hard on in excellent quality.

Ensuring an improved appearance on big and small screens can increase visitors’ time on the site. Considering how much time people nowadays spend scrolling on their devices, you can entice them to visit your practice when they see everything you offer to your pet patients. Why is creating a mobile-responsive website so significant? A mobile-responsive website ranks high on Google search results, meaning it can give your SEO efforts a solid boost. SEO or search engine optimization is the process of improving your website so it ranks high on search engine results. A mobile-responsive site can also lower your website maintenance costs because you don’t have to fix every little thing on your mobile-friendly website so often. After all, visitors can see everything correctly.

A mobile-responsive website also increases your ROI on social media marketing. Most of the time, you would need your online community to visit your pet hospital site for more details on services and promos.

From a branding standpoint, you can position yourself to pet owners as credible and professional. A mobile-responsive website would mean you invest in an overall quality experience. Website visitors would also be able to appreciate all the little details because they can see everything clearly.

Feature #3: Upgrade to an Efficient Online Booking System

online booking system

Your website is essentially an online extension of your pet hospital. Let’s say your receptionist is backed up on phone calls. You wouldn’t want to lose patients because they can’t reach your office promptly. 

Moreover, even if the hours of your operation are flexible, some pet owners may not have the time to call or visit your clinic to book an in-person appointment.  Others may not even get to call your office. That’s why you should allow them to book an appointment online.

What’s the value of investing in an automated booking system? Here are some benefits of this website feature:

It makes booking more convenient for pet owners. Pet owners in need of emergency services won’t want to waste time waiting for your receptionist to answer their calls or deal with the hassle of a lengthy automated phone messaging system. You would make it easier for your staff and clients if they knew they book a slot quickly online.

It frees up your team for other tasks:  Booking kitty-related services on the phone or manually in the office can take up much of your team’s time. Skilled workers may end up doing repetitive admin tasks that can be better allocated toward their other work tasks. What a waste of veterinary medicine skills, right? Regardless of whether clients are in the clinic, having the option to register their pets online means less work for your people.

It boosts office productivity and efficiency: Technology has made it easier for people to fix their schedules and provide a better customer experience. An automated system would lessen human errors in double booking, which could be a total horror story for your team and patients. Moreover, it would be easier to develop a waitlist for pet owners who couldn’t secure an early time slot but hope they can schedule an earlier time with your clinic. It should be highlighted that your automated booking system should be embedded in your pet care website. To ensure this automated system works flawlessly, you should hire digital marketers so you won’t waste precious time troubleshooting your website in case of any issues.

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Feature #4: Improve Sales with Online Store For Pet Owners

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Does your pet care facility offer dog dental treats? Do you have exclusive grooming products that always fly off your shelves? If yes, you should incorporate an eye-catching online store feature into your website.

As a pet hospital, your services shouldn’t stop at providing top-notch healthcare services to pets. While your veterinarians may provide a huge chunk of your profit, you should consider opening an online store for pet owners. Online store purchases are steadily increasing, which is a great avenue to increase your profit further.

If you have ongoing partnerships with local brands, you can support their businesses and boost your brand through this initiative. How can you ensure that your online store looks amazing? Here are some tips you should consider:

Incorporate profile grids. If you’ve got many products, you may overwhelm your potential customers if your online store grid is all over the place. This would make your online store look professional.

Make your online store intuitive. It would be best if you made it easy for people to view previous products they’ve viewed. If you have related products that could benefit customers, you should recommend them, too.

Use professional photos. You should ensure you use only excellent-quality images for your online store. Regardless if you’re selling food or toys, your photos shouldn’t be pixelated.

Feature #5: Add a Map Section of Your Practice Location

Happy pet with their owner

Does your pet hospital have its Google My Business page set up? The map section is hugely important to local prospects. Adding a map to your business website can help your clinic reap many benefits.

It makes it easier for people to locate your pet hospital. Is there a popular art facility near your clinic? An interactive map would make it easier for them to find your clinic through landmarks and clear-cut directions.

It makes your website look more dynamic. While your website may be beautiful already, you would take it to the next level if people could navigate through a map on your website.

It encourages people to book an appointment. Your website offers a small sample of what they can expect from your hospital. If your website impresses them and they’re inclined to book an appointment with you, you would encourage people further if they find out how near you are to their location.

Digital Marketing For Excellent Pet Care

If you want to develop or update a stellar website with all these features and more, you need a dependable digital marketing partner. iMatrix can help integrate these features for an improved online experience. For more information on digital marketing packages that include a new professional website filled with the latest features, call 800.792.8384 or click here.

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