10 Tips to Elevate Your Chiropractic Business in 2023

Now that 2023 is underway, it is time to get your business off to a great start. It’s the perfect opportunity for your chiropractic practice to take things to the next level. To become a successful chiropractic practice, you must strive for new results. Here are ten excellent tips to elevate your chiropractic office, grow your business and strengthen your online presence.

Tip 1. Refresh Your Website Design

Chiropractic website design

There are many chiropractor businesses around, and you need to stand out among the competition. Now’s the perfect time for chiropractic businesses like yours to spruce up your online presence with a new professional website. However, having your own website isn’t enough nowadays.

Having a clean and modern website design can definitely attract new prospects to your practice. A stylish website design can be instrumental in helping new patients appreciate what your business can bring to the table and market your business in the best light possible.

Every business has a unique value proposition that makes them special. Your website design should highlight your specialty services that will bring in the most revenue. Fortunately, you can customize your chiropractic website design to reflect your practice’s most popular services and unique story. 

If you specialize in helping athletes and fitness-loving individuals bounce back from injuries, you should invest in a fitness-oriented aesthetic. Our Sierra design is an excellent option for chiropractic businesses specializing in athletic recovery. This design is clean and simple. It’s easy to navigate for an exceptional user experience. At the same time, it’s a balanced website design that can catch a visitor’s attention without being too busy.

Video is taking over the digital marketing world, and you can take advantage of this trend by investing in a website with an impressive three-dimensional video. Our Harrisburg website design features an innovative video with a spinal graphic font and center on the homepage. This design element helps your website pop and lends it a modern and fresh feel.

Tip 2: Claim Your Google My Business Listing

Googly my business listing

One of the most effective and easiest marketing strategies is claiming your business listings online. Why? People interested in chiropractic care may not be familiar with the chiropractic businesses in their area. Your chiropractic business will become top of mind when you claim your listing in online directories like Google My Business.

Claiming your business listing is a simple yet effective way for your practice to get noticed online. The best part? You can perform this action for free. You must ensure all your details are updated and accurate when claiming your business listing. Add relevant images, contact details, and business hours.

This process is pretty straightforward. You should use your professional business email and domain if you don’t have one. You choose your business category; in your case, your chiropractic business would fall under healthcare. Once you’re in, you should enter your business name or service area. If your chiropractic practice is on Google maps, you can pin your location for people’s easy reference.

From there, you should enter your phone number and website. Add all the relevant business details you can provide to ensure people obtain the correct information about your office. Lastly, you should verify your business.

Tip 3: Try A New Email Marketing Campaign

A fantastic way to build strong relationships with existing patients is through email marketing. Now’s the perfect time to start a new email campaign to get people’s attention. A great email marketing campaign can help you spread the word about your latest services, products, and news about your brand.

Through e-mail, you can also share valuable resources, educational content, news, updates, and more with your newsletter subscribers. Emails have the potential to successfully showcase new services, promotions, information, or even a newsletter. If you have a referral program, this can be a great platform to promote it further.

There are plenty of ways for your chiropractic business to maximize your email network. You can explore different types of emails, like welcome emails for new patients, request for patient reviews, and educational emails that highlight your latest chiropractic services. Additionally, you can even share the latest chiropractic trends to position your chiropractic business in an innovative light.

Plus, have fun with subject line ideas to entice people to learn more about the value of chiropractic care. Another great idea is to use visuals to appear professional yet inviting. Experimenting with various elements can help get people’s attention, and hopefully, invite people to visit your practice.

Tip 4: Address Your Online Reviews

Online reviews.

Did you know that patient testimonials can do wonders for your business? Online reviews are the first thing most potential patients check before visiting a new chiropractor business or any other business for that matter. Are your reviews scaring people away or attracting new people to your office? Potential patients trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

It goes without saying that reputation management can make or break your business. It’s vital that you thank people for patient testimonials online to showcase how much you appreciate their kind words. At the same time, you can use negative reviews as an opportunity to address people’s concerns professionally and sympathetically. It’s essential that you apologize for your patients’ bad experience, and offer a chance to mend your relationship.

This public acknowledgment of their experience can position your business in a positive light. It shows that you care about what your patients think of you and you want everyone to have a good experience at your business.

Tip 5: Get Patient Testimonial Videos

If you have a few loyal longtime patients that have had a positive experience with your practice,, you should enlist their help in spreading the word through videos featuring patient testimonials. Your work as a chiropractic practice help improve people’s lives. Why not show your community how you’re making a difference through your services?

Video is a great way to tell compelling stories online. Video content is direct, easy to understand, and if executed well, engaging and informative. What’s great about video content is that you can use them across various platforms. You can post them on your social media pages, on your website, or even in your chiropractic business through television screens.

Keep in mind that video builds relationships with current patients and prospective clients. That’s why you should develop high-quality videos that reflect your professionalism and stellar results.

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Tip 6: Upgrade Your Online Booking

Business growth means attracting more clients to your doors. While having more customers is great for business, you should provide every individual with a good experience throughout their journey with your chiropractic practice. Practice management software is an excellent way to handle online bookings.

Online bookings allow your patients to conveniently book their next appointment online. Patients have the freedom to book whenever and wherever they want. Moreover, people who may need of urgent care may even sign up for your waitlist in case another patient cancels a session.

At the same time, this tool frees valuable time and resources for your staff. This means your staff can spend more time handling more pertinent matters and be rid of repetitive tasks. At the same time, you get to have better control of your schedule. If you care about your patients’ experience and helping your staff work efficiently, investing in online booking tools can make everyone’s lives so much easier.

Tip 7: Learn New Techniques

Now that events are opening up again, you should take this opportunity to learn new chiropractic techniques to improve your craft. Attending in-person events like national conferences and seminars can promote your practice in different ways. A great example is the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) Engage 2024

If you’re at a conference, you can show off your skills by doing line demonstrations, hiring a booth, or simply walking around the venue and networking with attendees can be a great opportunity to build relationships. To manage a successful business, you need to step up your A-game and continuously grow. There are many chiropractic practices in the business, and you need to always learn ways to improve and perfect your craft.

Tip 8: Get A Photoshoot For Your Practice

Chiropractic office photo shoot

You probably already have a social media presence. Take your chiropractic practice to the next level with some stellar photography, to keep your social media posts fresh. Investing in a professional photoshoot can help establish your company’s legitimacy. You can highlight everything that makes your practice unique and position your office in the best possible light. 

You can also consider subscribing to stock images. This option grants you access to plenty of great content you can use for different purposes. If you’re on a tight budget, you can take nice photos by yourself.  Take your phone and shoot some photos with your phone. You can take photos of your chiropractic office, new equipment, and staff.

Staying active online is important for your chiropractic business to grow your business further. That’s why you should update your website and social media platforms with professional photos. You should keep in mind that when you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind. If you don’t exert an effort to share your success stories and unique selling propositions, how will more new clients learn about what you do?

Tip 9: Highlight Your Company Culture

Employee photo

To stand out among the competition, you shouldn’t just post your services on your social media platforms. Your chiropractors, massage therapists, and other members of your staff absolutely matter.

Your brand as a chiropractic business goes beyond the services you can bring to the table. How you manage your office absolutely matters in the eyes of your patients. As a brand, you’re not promoting your promos and products, you’re also showing the value of investing time and money in your practice.

Showing the world how happy and fulfilled your staff is at work can help endear many potential clients and drive people to your practice. If someone in your staff is celebrating their birthday, a nice shoutout on social media can lift their spirits and at the same time, show the world how much you care about your people.

If you have fun events and themed gatherings at your office, you should share them with the world as well. Sharing your company culture shows how you’re more than just a chiropractic practice. It shows that you’re a business that cares about what you do and who works for you.

Tip 10: Check Out Your Competition

Comparing yourself to others may be perceived negatively in most situations, but in this case, it is encouraged. Why? Looking at what other chiropractors in your area can provide you with a fresh perspective. You can identify what digital marketing strategies work for them and determine what else you can do to capture more clients.

There are many chiropractors in the game, and you need to know what other businesses are doing to learn from their successes and mistakes. You might even find ways to entice new customers because of a  particular strategy you missing from your marketing strategy. Whether your business is a small individual practice or a big chain, there’s always room for improvement.

Learn More Chiropractic Business Tips!

You should start 2023 with a bang! Following these tips can help your business step up and maximize its potential. For help applying all these tips, chiropractors can reach out to our marketing professionals and schedule an evaluation. For more information on digital marketing packages that include content creation, call 888.792.8384 or click here

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