Use Digital Marketing for Chiropractors to Attract More Patients

Currently, almost every healthcare provider will develop a unique digital marketing strategy to attract and retain patients. Your chiro practice should be no different. Your chiropractic services shouldn’t end when your patient leaves your office. By strategizing your content marketing, you can stay ahead of the curve.

In this blog, we will go over tools that will help you gain an edge over your local competition, drive traffic to your practice, and ultimately increase your revenue. Your chiropractic marketing efforts should be your top priority so you can properly showcase your business and get new patients regularly.

If you don’t know where to start, follow along with us as we guide you through the ever-changing landscape of chiropractic marketing.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- What is it, Who’s it For?

A phrase you’ll come across quite often is search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, or simply SEO, is how you increase your search ranking on Google. This means that when potential patients search for a chiropractic practice online, your services appear around the top searches. SEO helps you organically increase your business’ presence on search engines, and it’s easy enough to start.

First, determine your target audience. Consider your practice and the kind of patient base you have, and what kind of clients you want to receive. Tailor your chiropractic marketing strategy from there. Since there are several types of chiro services, you will have to target exactly the kind of patients you want. From there, you can narrow down the exact search terms that you want to connect to your business.

For example, are you a personal injury chiropractor? Then you may want to consider terms like auto injury, spinal adjustment, back pain, personal injury, and the like. The key to effective online marketing is to know your ideal patient type.

Another factor to consider is using local SEO to your advantage- which works the same way, but where you target a specific location and optimize your results there. Learn what keywords connect the best in your area, and optimize the searches linked to your business with those.

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Making Pay Per Click Marketing Work for Your Chiropractic Practice

PPC is a model of digital marketing which stands for pay per click. In a PPC model of advertising, which is a process where an advertiser will pay a fee every time their ads are clicked or interacted with. In short, it means you buy visits to your chiropractic website, instead of earning the clicks or visits through ‘organic’ ways, like SEO marketing.

One of the most popular ways of pay-per-click marketing is search engine advertising. Through search engine advertising, advertisers bid for their ads to be placed in search engine sponsor links, where their ads can appear if someone searches a related keyword. For example, if you search for a specific kind of food, restaurant chains that have paid for a PPC digital marketing model will have their chains show up in the top results on a Google search page.

One way to jump into a pay-per-click advertising service is using Google Ads, Google’s own PPC service. They target specific keywords associated with your service and will get your business to the top of the search results.

You can get to the front of the line and secure new patients with PPC marketing strategies. It is essentially a paid search- you pay every time a user clicks on your ad. Through PPC marketing, you can control how much you want to spend on digital marketing, and you can try out different variations of keywords relevant to your business.

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Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors

Social media has become an integral part of advertising. Learning how to use it and its wide net of potential new patients to your advantage is a huge leg up against your local competition. You can start by creating an account on social sites like Facebook (which has lots of options for business owners), Twitter, or Instagram, and reaching new patients organically through these social media platforms. 

A social media presence can also strengthen your relationship with your current patient base. You can use a social account to post daily updates that do not belong on a website, like a special promo, a change in policies, or even changes to your practice. This way, your current patients can stay informed about any changes.

Additionally, it keeps them engaged by posting about the benefits of chiro care, the latest innovations in chiropractic health, or funny memes. Some things you can try posting to your social accounts are: 

  • Seasonal and holiday chiro-related posts to keep your brand’s feed fresh and followers engaged.
  • Preventative chiropractic care post to encourage patients to schedule appointments or follow-ups. 
  • Patient education articles to inform your patients on a variety of chiropractic-specific topics.

Click here to download your free chiropractic social media kit with ready-to-post content. 

Video digital marketing

In addition to posting pictures on social media, you can also post video content for more engagement. Online videos make up more than 80% of all consumer traffic online, so learning to use video content to promote your business can help elevate your chiropractic marketing to the next level. 

Try creating a series of short videos about your practice to post to Facebook and Instagram. You could even go live and share important updates, introduce new chiropractic products, announce promotions, share a day in the life as a chiropractor, or provide at-home exercises.

Lastly, don’t forget to use hashtags. Make sure your hashtags are relevant to your business and your social posts. Hashtags are one of the most effective social media marketing solutions that can deliver results quickly. Take advantage of these to increase your engagement with followers. 

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Email Marketing For Chiropractors 

Another highly effective digital marketing method is email marketing. This direct relationship with your clients allows you to increase engagement,  appointments, build lasting relationships and increase referrals. You can send newsletters, promotions, new feature products, announcements, educational chiropractic patient news, and more. Here are some chiropractic marketing strategy content ideas, your patients will love.

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