6 New Ways To Improve Your Chiropractic Marketing

If your current digital marketing plan is feeling a little stale, it may be time to try something fresh and new. We have some new ideas to help your chiropractic marketing plans. Take your practice to the next level and get more potential patients interested in your services.

Learn about some tools that can help your marketing efforts stay organized, as well as new ways to engage with your current patients that you may not have tried before. Set yourself apart from your local competitors with some ideas that can give you an edge.

Here are six unique marketing strategies you can use to show your patients why they should make their next visit to a chiropractor and why your practice is the right choice for them every time.

1. Create a Social Media Calendar

Social media is a great opportunity to promote your practice and start a conversation with your community. It’s also a great way to engage and enjoy getting to know your patients.

Are you running out of ideas on what to post? Coming up with posts for your social media every week can become too time-consuming. Manage your social media efforts with the right tools and save time. 

Try creating a social media calendar to organize your posts. Reduce stress and save time by scheduling your posts weeks, even months in advance. That way, you won’t miss an important date.

Include “National Days” on your social media calendar. For example, try posting for National Thoughtful Day, National Stress Awareness Day, and National Best Friends Day to name a few. You can plan out all your social media posts for holidays and other special online events weeks in advance. Building a social media calendar can help you stay productive by being ahead of the curve for content and saving you time in the long run. 

Here are a few resources that can help you set up your social media calendar:

Tools like these can organize your chiropractic marketing efforts and save you and your staff vital time every week.

2. Spruce Up Your Visuals

Photographer smiling for the camera.

Let’s assume you have a professional website with all the right information a patient needs to book their next appointment. But does it have that pop of color? Does it draw your patients’ attention? Try sprucing up your website with some new and improved images. 

Consider going the extra mile by hiring a professional photographer to take a new headshot for your bio page. There are benefits to hiring a photographer. For instance, you no longer have to rely solely on stock images. This could give your chiropractic office the personal touch it needs to stand out among your competitors. As a result, you will have a wide variety of original images to choose from and reuse. 

Aside from original photos, your office could greatly benefit from using infographics or charts. Condense your patient’s common questions about your treatments in an informative infographic. Display information in a simpler and easier way for your patients to understand. 

There are a lot of tools out there to make quick and easy infographics. Adobe Spark has some of the best templates on the internet, but it’s pricey. So if you have a tighter budget opt for Canva, this tool is free and easy to use and can be used for other tasks like brochures, posters, Facebook covers- you name it. 

Sometimes stock images already have all you need. Subscribe to stock photography providers like Shutterstock. Refresh your stock images regularly and don’t be afraid to pay a little extra for the best images on the internet, it will pay off in the long run.

3. Start Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Someone is active on Facebook, likes and hearts emojis.

There are many benefits to having a Facebook ad campaign. First, you would have control reaching your target audience. Secondly, Facebook also offers a wide variety of demographic filters from occupation, proximity, and active daily users. Thirdly, Facebook can create lookalike audiences lists for anyone who already engages with your Facebook business page. 

Besides Facebook’s incredible reach to your local patients, it’s also a cost-effective advertising option. While traditional advertising often has a high price tag these types of ads are affordable.  

Facebook has the algorithm to send your campaign to potential patients in your area who would be interested in seeking healthcare services like spinal exams, chiropractic adjustments, and massage therapy. 

Chiropractic marketing using Facebook ads also offers you an opportunity to engage with your patients in both fun and creative ways. You can run campaigns to book more online appointments or increase your brand awareness. The takeaway is you have plenty of options with this platform and you should definitely be using it to market your practice.

4. Thank Your Patients Via Email

Make sure you have automated thank you emails sent out to all your patients after a visit. Thank you emails help give your patients a positive experience. They also build practice loyalty and customer engagement. 

Your patients receive dozens of emails every day from tons of businesses vying for their attention. It’s the new norm for businesses to send emails to their clients throughout their customer journey.

You don’t have to stop at a sweet and simple “Thank you.” Take your patient appreciation campaign a step further by offering special discounts or coupons. You can even request to feature a patient’s recovery story on your website or social media. 

Keep in mind you are sending these types of campaigns to patients who have already visited your practice. The layout of these emails can be personalized to convey your gratitude.  

In conclusion, email campaigns like this can really polish up your marketing efforts. Because the point is that you don’t forget to let your patients know how much you appreciate them. 

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5. Host a Webinar

Student listening and taking notes for an online webinar.

Any patient looking into chiropractic services for the first time will naturally have questions. When patients come to your practice what are their most common questions?

Hosting an online webinar would give you an opportunity to provide educational information that your patients would benefit from.

In addition, webinars can be easy to set up and they create a space to communicate with all your patients at once. 

Your webinars can be promoted around specific chiropractic services. Here are a few examples:

  • Risks of Lower Back Pain 
  • Tips for Preventative Care
  • How to Diagnosis An Auto Injury
  • Best Physical Therapy Exercises 
  • What is Sciatica?
  • Benefits of Getting A Spinal Exam 

Those who are interested in chiropractic services would likely be intrigued by attending a webinar and learning about this health information. In short, this chiropractic marketing idea can help you connect with your current and potential patients.

6. Share Patient’s Video Testimonials

The work of a chiropractor can greatly benefit a patient’s life. So many patients that go to the chiropractor have stories of strength and inspiration. Try to incorporate your patient’s stories into your website by having them do a video testimonial. 

Videos are effective online. You can share them on social media or even on a TV screen in your office. Reach out to patients with whom you have a good rapport. 

Today, most new patients who come across your chiropractic website will check your online reviews. Video testimonials can be even more influential than a review. Above all, give it a go and you might be pleasantly surprised by what you hear from your patients.

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Author: Liliana Cervantes

Liliana Cervantes is iMatrix’s resident content specialist who works on all our online blog resources. She provides the iMatrix website with high-quality content to provide our readers with plenty of information to educate and inspire them with their digital marketing efforts. Liliana writes about tips and trends for readers to try on social media, their website, and their own blog content.

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