9 Must-Have Features for Your Chiropractic Website

When you are surfing the internet, what are some of the main features that you notice on most sites? Which features stand out and which ones do you deem essential for every business to have? When considering the design of your chiropractic website, it’s important to create the most inviting user experience possible for your current and new patients. 

Be purposeful in choosing the elements on your website. Think of the necessity of each feature, what type of impression it will leave on visitors, and how effective it is in getting more patients through your front door. 

Having a well-designed chiropractic website will establish credibility and positively represents your business to potential patients. The following elements are must-have features for your chiropractic website to generate revenue and book more appointments at your practice. 

1. A User-Friendly Navigation Bar on Your Chiro Website

Website visitors want access to the content or information they’re searching for as quickly and efficiently as possible. Your navigation bar allows visitors to quickly go from one page to another on your website. It should be visible no matter what page users are looking at on your website so they can locate the next section they want to explore without difficulty. 

You are, of course, free to include whichever pages you think are important on your navigation bar. But, the pages that are essential to the navigation of your chiropractic website and for providing the best user experience are as follows:

Your Chiro Homepage

Your homepage will most likely be your most frequently viewed webpage. It is your introduction to new patients and you want to make sure that you convey the right message. They should know instantly that you are a chiropractor and that you offer services that can help them improve their life or health in some way.

About Our Practice Page

Your About Us page gives you the opportunity to tell the story of your chiro practice. On this page, you can answer questions like:

  • Who are you? 
  • What is your mission? 
  • What type of values does your chiropractic clinic possess? 
  • What is your practice’s history? 
  • What makes you stand out from other chiropractors/your competition?

Give new patients a glimpse into what makes your practice unique and why they should choose you.

Contact Information 

If your contact information is shown in the footer of your website, you still need a dedicated contact page. Make it as simple as you can for patients to be able to reach out to you. They should not have to search to find your location, email, hours of operation, or phone number. This can deter them from wanting to contact your office. But, if you have multiple methods of communication for visitors, they can determine how they wish to contact you. 

Having all of your contact information readily available online is beneficial in proving the legitimacy of your practice and boosting your credibility. Providing your physical address is also useful in attracting people in your local area and converting them into new patients.

Services Page

Your services page is the reason visitors enter your website. They went searching online for a solution to their problem and landed on your chiro website. Now is the time to tell them how you can improve their quality of life. You can have the main service page that lists all that you offer at your practice, but it would also be a good idea to have individual pages that go into more detail for each service. Don’t be concerned with giving too much information. Too much is better than not enough. 

For someone that is unfamiliar with what you do, they will have many questions and your services page can help provide them with the answers. Explain the conditions and symptoms that you treat in patients as well as the benefits of receiving chiropractic care. Give visitors the information they need to make an informed decision about receiving treatment from you.

2. Website Design That Captures the Essence of Your Chiropractic Clinic

Your website is a user’s first impression of your practice. A sleek, modern design with complementary colors, high-quality images, and readable text will ensure that your website is as professional as possible. Having a visually appealing website is also beneficial for a few more reasons:

  • Build Trust and Credibility With Your Ideal Patients – If your website is well-designed, people are more likely to trust it. An outdated site with elements such as small text that is difficult to read, a theme that is too busy, pop-up ads, slow loading speed, or lack of navigation can create distrust in potential patients. If they do not like the look and feel of your website, they may decide to not continue to click through and explore your website.
  • Convert More Website Visits Into Appointments The structure, responsiveness, and present calls-to-action on your site are important components of nurturing leads into actual patients. If a user can easily locate what information they need as quickly as possible, and are guided to complete a certain action, such as booking an appointment, those anonymous visitors that come to your website can turn into new patients. 
  • Aid Your On-Page SEO for Search Engines – Implementing SEO on chiropractic websites is essential for improving your online presence and overall search engine ranking. When you add specific targeted keywords to your website that are relevant to what potential patients in your industry are searching for, you’ll appear in the search engine results pages (SERPs) on sites like Google more often. The more you appear, the more likely someone is to click over to your site. When you receive more clicks, it notifies Google that there is value in the content on your page. This is why relevant keywords such as chiropractic, back pain, chiropractic adjustment, spine health, auto and sports injuries should be present on your website. They can appear on your homepage, services page, and other pages in your headlines, meta descriptions, and body text.

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3. An Online Booking Solution to Make Scheduling A Visit to Your Office Simple

What is the main objective of a chiro website? To drive more traffic and in turn generate patients for your practice. If you currently use basic forms for users to book appointments on your site, it’s time to step into the future of booking! An online booking solution is a more powerful and advanced method for scheduling appointments at your practice. 

By having an online booking solution on your site, the experience for patients is:

  • Intuitive – They can see your availability, select a reason for their reason, and their preferred chiropractic provider (if there are multiple providers).
  • Streamlined – All of the booking requests you receive (including patient information, appointment time, requested date, and selected chiropractor) will be in one place. This increases transparency and your ability to quickly respond to requests. 

Time-saving – With a new booking solution, your schedule will be more organized, which grants you and your team time to focus your attention on running your practice while the system does all the work for you! You can maximize your revenue without the use of dated forms.

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4. Patient Testimonials To Endorse Your Excellent Services

Many people read online reviews before they decide whether or not they should go to a business. They are seen as personal recommendations and can sway their decision to come to your practice or someone else’s. Positive reviews are great for your online reputation and encourage people to come to you. Creating patient testimonials is an amazing opportunity for you to showcase current patients that can vouch for your incredible services and customer care. 

In order to generate patient testimonials, you can:

  • Email patients after appointments and ask them to leave you a 5-star review
  • Ask them in person
  • Post on your social media accounts with links to your Yelp and Google review page 
  • Put up posters around your office 

Testimonials can be in the form of simple quotes, video testimonials, and even Google widgets. Websites like Elfsight allow you to add many different widgets, including review widgets, to your site in order to increase user experience.

  • For video testimonials, you can produce a high-quality video where you interview a loyal patient and give them the opportunity to discuss why they enjoy coming to your practice and how effective your treatments are. Testimonials are useful in building emotional connections with the viewers and persuading them to come to your business and reap the benefits of doing so like your current patients.
  • With quotes, you can take reviews that you have received from top listing sites like Google and Yelp and turn those into graphics. These should be shared on your social media pages so others see the quality reviews you are getting from current patients. 

Managing your reviews is also part of good online marketing practices. On Yelp and Google, respond to reviews in a timely manner so that patients know you see and hear any concerns or positive feedback they have for you. 

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5. A Chiropractic Blog to Establish Your Industry Expertise

Sometimes users come to your website in search of specific information but are not quite ready to schedule a visit. This is where a blog page comes in handy! Your chiropractic blog can be used to teach them the ways that chiropractic care will change their overall quality of life. Once they are better equipped and more knowledgeable on chiropractic topics, they will be more inclined to book their first appointment. 

Some topics you can create blog content for include:

  • Chiropractic therapies
  • Auto accident injuries
  • How chiropractic treatment relieves pain from chronic conditions
  • Making healthier choices for your body
  • Joint disorders
  • Chiropractic for women and children 
  • Repetitive use injuries in patients

If a potential patient in your local area searches for any of these treatments or topics on Google and your blog post appears in the organic rankings, they will click on it to educate themselves. This can lead to them getting to know your practice and potentially scheduling an appointment.

Adding a blog to your website can increase your visibility, traffic to your website, and your services page by creating optimized content that is valuable and relevant. This helps you become an authority figure in the chiropractic industry and be used to advertise your products or services.

6. An Interactive Spine Simulator 

Someone who visits your chiropractic website may not be ready to schedule their first adjustment with you, but they might be interested in learning a little more about chiropractic care and how it can benefit them. 

The perfect website feature to help you educate potential patients is an interactive 3D spine simulator. This feature allows visitors to interact with the spine, nerves, and organs in order to learn about how these systems are connected and about the benefits of chiropractic for their entire body. 

7. An Online Store to Sell Your Products & Services from Your Chiropractic Website

Do you sell products at your chiro practice? An online store offers you the perfect opportunity to sell whatever you like on your website 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can offer gift cards, certificates, or even pre-paid sessions at your practice. With eCommerce capability on your website, you can customize your store design to fit your preference with an easy setup. 

The benefits of allowing patients to purchase your products online include: 

  • Maximizing your sales through the convenience of ordering online
  • Patients can connect with your business outside of the office
  • Increasing traffic to your website, which can boost revenue as well as search engine rankings

Whether you are selling nutrition products, exercise equipment, body pillows, an online store grants you the chance to generate revenue even while you sleep! 

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8. Social Media Icons That Link to All Your Social Pages

Adding icons for each of the major social media platforms to your website is a simple way for visitors to be directed to each of your pages. You can link each of your social accounts to its respective icon. Visitors will be able to see what you post or share on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Youtube if you post chiro videos there. 

This can increase your follower count as well as the engagement you receive. Use your social pages to share updates about your practice, show behind-the-scenes of you and your staff, offer general chiropractic information, and more! Social media icons are typically placed in the header or footer of a website. 

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9. A Page to Showcase Your All of Your Team Members

Help new patients familiarize themselves with you and your team before they ever step foot in your practice by including biographies. Patients can build personal connections with your team and this improves trust between you and your business.  

Each of your staff members can create a short biography for your website that tell patients information such as: 

  • Their role at your practice and some of their daily duties
  • What universities they attended
  • What certifications or special awards they’ve received
  • How long they have worked at your practice
  • Hobbies that they enjoy doing in their free time

Be sure to include a headshot for each of your staff so patients can put a name to a face when they come in for their appointment. 

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