5 Unique Chiropractic Marketing Strategies to Attract New Patients

So many companies, including your local chiropractic competitors, are working hard to be noticed by potential patients. While there are some common modern marketing techniques that all businesses should partake in, what can you do to get creative and stand out from the others? 

What can you do as a chiropractor to get those people to see you and attract them to your business, you ask? Well, we’re here to help you market your business in some not-so-conventional, but effective methods. Follow along as we discuss 5 unique chiropractic marketing strategies that you can try. 

Illustration of media and marketing ideas for chiropractors.

1. Attend Chiropractic Conferences

One great way to market your business is by making in-person connections with people through face-to-face interactions. When you attend conventions, you have the opportunity to advocate for your business to encourage practice growth.

You can showcase your chiropractic knowledge to potential patients or even potential partners! It’s important that you put in just as much effort to promote yourself in person as you do online. Apply to have a booth at the conference to give attendees plenty of information about your business.

Conferences are a brilliant option for you to network with like-minded people and also be inspired by some of their ideas as well as inspire others. The more people you meet and contact information you obtain, the better your chance of working together in the future. When attending a conference, you’ll learn new strategies that you can optimize at your practice and about the most recent updates in the chiropractic industry. 

Deciding in advance which annual events you would like to attend allows you more time to prepare. View the American Chiropractic Association events calendar in order to see what monthly conferences, seminars, trade shows, and more! 

Once you’ve decided what events you want to attend, now you can start planning how you can promote yourself while there. Some examples include:

  • Live demos (perform a chiropractic adjustment at the conferences to showcase your abilities)
  • Custom photo frames with your practice’s social media handle that attendees can take pictures with and you can post on your pages
  • Host a workshop 
  • Give a speech to showcase your chiropractic expertise and discuss your services

2. Get Featured in Your Local Media

Illustration of a press release in the local news.

We’re sure you know that marketing your chiropractic business online is a must, but using other avenues can help you to attract new patients that may not have found you otherwise. Getting featured in your local media is an idea that many people have left in the past even though it is still an excellent way to reach potential patients for your practice. 

Be cognizant of those who may not be online as often to see things like your website, Google Ads, blog posts, or even your social media accounts. Senior citizens are a good example of this. Many seniors still read the newspaper or other local publications and this is an excellent way to reach them as many require chiropractic care for age-related conditions. Specific demographics like this are important to consider when deciding a marketing strategy. 

In this case, running an ad in the local newspaper, television, or radio station can reach a wider audience. Just picture your ideal patient seeing or hearing your ad when they get home in the evening or during their commute and contacting your office to learn more about the chiropractic services you provide. They may even be ready to book their first appointment instantly after your ad. 

Aside from advertisements, press releases can be used to attract business to your chiropractic office. Has your practice recently received an award or other major accomplishment? Are you hosting an event soon? Press releases are beneficial for multiple reasons, including:

  • Engaging your audience and the media to build relationships
  • Improving your search engine optimization
  • Generate awareness around your business

Any newsworthy event (partnerships, awards, new research, etc.) involving your business can be reason enough for a press release. 

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3.  Host a Contest

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Who doesn’t love the opportunity to win something? Hosting a contest at your practice can help to incentivize patients at your practice to participate in a challenge. Contests are a fun way to engage with new and existing patients. 

You can advertise your contest in your office on posters so that patients see it when they come in for their appointments, through email marketing, and on social media. When you give information about the contest, be sure to clearly state a call-to-action, end date and time, the rules, and the prize so that there is no confusion. 

Are you having trouble figuring out what kind of contest you can hold at your practice? Here are a few ideas:

  • The top three patients who refer the most friends to your practice can receive a percentage off of their treatment for a month
  • A raffle for a gift card
  • A fitness competition (this would be a good opportunity to partner with a local gym)
  • A holiday-themed contest (best Halloween costume worn by a patient, ugly Christmas sweater contest, etc.)
  • Giveaway when you reach a certain number of followers on social media (this encourages to follow you) 
  • Giveaway to celebrate a milestone (practice or a chiropractor’s anniversary)

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4. Offer Special Discounts at Your Practice

Has someone been a loyal patient of yours for years? Giving those patients discounts is a great way to ensure that they return to your practice. Patients like to know that their business is appreciated. Discounts or special offers show them how much it means that they continue to choose your practice over others. 

While loyal patients are important to keep your practice running, so are new ones. You can offer a first-time patient discount to encourage them to come back for a second appointment. Plan even further ahead for future visits by offering a deal where they can pay for three appointments in advance and get the fourth one for free.

Utilizing a referral program is another simple method to incentivize current patients to bring colleagues, friends, or family to your business. The more business, the better! Word-of-mouth marketing is still extremely effective at drawing more patients to your practice for an appointment. 

People tend to trust the recommendations of others who have already visited your office and experienced your services. Similar to listing sites like Yelp or Google reviews, but the suggestion to visit you is coming from someone they know personally. 

5. Partner With Chiropractic Associations or Other Local Businesses

Two people shaking hands and solidifying a partnership.

Partnering with a chiropractic association in your local area or state can draw an even larger crowd of patients to your practice. If you work to build relationships with different chiropractic associations, it helps to build your credibility as a professional. 

If your partnership is featured or highlighted on the association’s website, it is also a great way to direct traffic to your practice’s website and get new patients. Developing partnerships should be equally beneficial for both parties so take advantage of the opportunities you have to create these relationships. 

Working with other local businesses that aren’t necessarily chiropractic-related can also work to your benefit as well. Is there a gym in your local area? They can refer their members to your chiro practice to work on their general health and wellness and improve their overall quality of life. 

Here are a few chiropractic associations you can look into potential partnerships with: 

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The Importance of Conventional and Nonconventional Marketing Strategies

As you try to think of effective chiropractic marketing tactics for your practice, it’s important to incorporate some more traditional strategies along with a digital marketing plan. Having a website that is easy to navigate is the minimum of what you need currently to have a strong online reputation. 

Other online marketing strategies that are important include: 

  • /chiropractic-marketing/websites/Claiming and maintaining your Google My Business profile
  • Pay per click advertising for your practice on search engines like Google 
  • Implementing search engine optimization on your chiropractic website
  • Content marketing including blogging, patient testimonials, videos, infographics, etc. 
  • Interacting with existing patients and encouraging new follows on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Running Facebook ads

Finding a good balance between traditional and modern chiropractic marketing strategies is the key to finding new patients. 

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