6 Must-Have Features for Veterinary Hospital Websites

Pet owners turn to veterinarians for various reasons. They might come in for a routine check-up or need immediate help with pet-related emergencies. The best veterinary hospital website ensures that patients find what they need easily.

This blog will explore trending and essential features veterinarians should explore to upgrade their websites. To reach more of pet parents in your neighborhood, you should make it easy for people to learn about your veterinary clinic’s location, availability, and services online.

So ready to take your veterinary hospital website design to greater heights? Keep reading to learn more about how your practice can optimize its design and efficiency.

1. Use Product Grids and Galleries for Your Online Store

Incorporating an online store feature on your veterinary hospital website can bring more revenue to your veterinary business. Most veterinary clinics offer different items, like dental treats, tick, and flea treatments, or other medical supplies. If your veterinary clinic sells retail products, you should make these items available online. 

So if you plan to set up an online store, visuals matter. What is a website grid? It’s a skeleton structure that organizes the content on your page. 

This feature would make your website visually appealing and well-organized by adding grids in rows and columns. Adding whitespace and choosing the right visual display for your photos can also improve the user experience. They’re often compared to or described as looking like a checkerboard and can be very effective for presenting many things at once for easy access. To make your online store appear legitimate, you must upload high-quality images to entice old and new clients to support your business.

2. Add a Map Section of Your Practice Location

map website feature

This feature has gained popularity in various industries, including veterinary services. It would be best if you made it convenient for people to find your animal hospital. Adding a map section to your web design doesn’t mean simply adding your practice location. You should integrate how your practice would be found on Google or Apple Maps. Therefore, clients won’t get lost while looking for your clinic.

Adding an interactive map to your website has different benefits. For example, not only does a map section look great when embedded into the website design professionally, but it also entices visitors to book an appointment when they see how close they may be to a practice location.

This website feature is also excellent when giving directions to clients to find your pet hospital. You take note of bus stops or other landmarks for people to locate your business. Take a look at our own Exotic Veterinary Website Example 3 shows how adding your practice location looks. It fits seamlessly into the website’s overall aesthetic.

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3. Try Dark Mode

Some veterinary hospitals may still be operating late at night or even 24 hours. If your practice is interested in trends that could benefit your night services, you should consider adding a dark mode option to your website.

Incorporating a dark mode switch into your website can improve visitors’ visual comfort and enhance energy efficiency, especially for pet owners browsing your website through mobile devices. 

Moreover, this feature provides better accessibility for people with trouble seeing or visual impairments. It’s a simple design upgrade that can give your website a modern touch.

The dark mode should be an option, not an automatic change. Some people might prefer the original light design. At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of preference.

4. Get the Latest Online Booking System

book online appointment

Another web design feature that can improve your clients’ experience is upgrading your booking system. An automatic booking system can be helpful to both your staff and pet parents in different ways.

How can clients benefit from online appointments accessible on your veterinary hospital website? First, they make it more convenient for customers with dogs or other pets to book an appointment with your practice without waiting for a staff member to check your hospital’s availability. It’ll also be easy for them to get on your waiting list if needed.

This feature also benefits your staff because it allows them to focus on the furry clients coming in for their existing appointments. Your team can spend more time improving their in-person customer service rather than getting stuck talking to people on the phone or answering standard questions repeatedly.

Overall, getting the latest online booking system can improve your office efficiency. This feature would mean less paperwork for your staff because customers can fill up the standard forms online. 

Digital booking is also handy in following up on patients to ensure they arrive for their scheduled appointments on time. If customers can’t arrive on time for whatever reason, other people might take their slot and attend to their pets needs.

It should be noted that this feature should be embedded in your veterinary care website. It would be best if you made it easy for people to book an appointment with you as much as possible. Fortunately, you can hire professional marketers to ensure it runs smoothly. You wouldn’t want potential clients to have a negative experience on your website because the online booking system is faulty.

5. Add Live Chat Software

To raise the bar of your veterinary website’s user experience, you should consider installing live chat software. What value can this add to veterinary websites? This website feature takes your overall customer service to the next level. 

It would make it easier for people to navigate through your website and learn more about your services. Moreover, it’s an exceptional way to invite people to take action and book an appointment with your clinic.

Live Chat is a stellar way for your clinic to communicate with your website visitors in real time. Thus, they would find it easy to learn everything they need about your veterinary services and more. It can be taxing for some people to e-mail or call your clinic. This feature allows people to communicate with your animal hospital instantaneously.

6. Share Your Social Media on Your Veterinary Website

social media icons

You’ve worked hard to provide excellent website content and great branding. Some people might find the content you produce insightful and would like to share your blog articles or videos with the world. Thus, it would be best if you made it easy for them to share your content.

Social media sharing buttons allow people to share your content on their social media accounts, increasing your reach and driving traffic back to your site. This veterinary website feature will enable you to leverage your visitors’ platforms to increase website traffic and invite more people to visit your clinic.

Plus, you should ensure that your veterinary website features your business’s social media accounts. This would make it easier for people to find your pet hospital on social media platforms. This can increase your social media followers and strengthen your online community of pet owners. Your website enhancement tactics should work in tandem with the rest of your veterinary digital marketing strategy.

Professional Support For Your Veterinary Hospital Website

You should optimize your veterinary website with these features as they can increase your website traffic and conversions from website visitors. If you don’t know how to take veterinary websites to the next level, you’re in luck because we at iMatrix can help you.

We’ve developed many stellar website designs perfect for your veterinary clinic. Aside from improving veterinary websites, we offer a suite of other marketing services to take your business to greater heights. For more information on what other aspects should be included in your strategy, call 800.792.8384 or click here.

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