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Have you been putting effort into your online marketing but seeing little return? We’re sorry to be the ones to tell you this but… your website might be the culprit. Your website is the cornerstone of your digital marketing efforts. It can turn interested leads into new customers or, conversely, scare off potential clients.

When potential clients visit your site and quickly leave, that can damage your search engine ranking by increasing your bounce rate. The more users who quickly click out of your site, the less likely they’ll be able to view it at all. Don’t worry, though! We compiled a list of must-read ideas that are sure to make your custom website stand out.

Before we get your website’s design, it’s imperative to discuss how prospective clients are locating your practice online. They will never get a chance to see your hard work if they’re not able to find your website in the first place! Then, we’ll get to the fun part and tell you why a picture of you in a Darth Vader costume might be just what your website needs.

Get on Google

If you’re hoping to reach local clients, it’s essential that you complete your practice’s Google My Business profile. About 82% of people search for a business online before deciding to visit or purchase a product. Since Google is the most popular search engine in the world, the majority of your potential clients are using this site to find your practice.

Creating a Google listing is free. That’s right, free, so take advantage! When people search for a local business like yours or use a “near me” feature on their Google maps, your listing will populate. According to Google, 76% of local searches result in a desired action, whether that be visiting a business or purchasing a product.

On your profile, detail correct information about your location, hours, and contact information. Users will even be able to call you directly from their search when it is made using a smartphone. Include high-quality photos of your office and staff in your profile to create a positive first impression before your new clients ever walk in the door.

Be Mobile-Friendly

Of these online searches, approximately 54% are made using a mobile device. To accommodate these searches, your website needs to feature mobile capability. No if’s, and’s, or but’s. Failing to do so can increase your bounce rate and repel potential customers. In fact, 57% of users report that they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site!

Web users are more likely to use a mobile device when conducting a local search, which we already know commonly ends in a visit to your office. As of 2018, Google uses mobile-first indexing. Google’s algorithm favors mobile-responsive websites when the search is made using a mobile device, meaning you will beat out a competitor with an outdated, desktop-only site.
Your mobile site should be clean, modern, and easy to navigate.

Any navigation tools should be large enough that users can conveniently tap on the screen and be taken to the correct page. The images and text need to be proportionate to the screen without forcing the user to zoom and out to decipher the content.

Unique Website Ideas to Help Stand Out From the Crowd

Your future client has just landed on your website. If it doesn’t have an accessible, contemporary design, they’re likely to click out of your website before they see the exceptional services or products you provide. Don’t let this happen! Your website should be modern and streamlined to allow users to readily find the information they’re looking for.
In addition to your stylish, adaptive design, make your custom website stand out with these fresh ideas.

Brand Your Business

Whether you’re a local practice or a large corporation, branding your site and content can benefit your business. Not only does branding create a cohesive design, it can also boost consumers’ familiarity with your practice.

To implement this fundamental feature, first establish your business’s mission statement. Your practice’s mission should concisely describe what you provide and how your business will benefit clients. Try holding a creative think-tank meeting with your staff to pinpoint the most valuable and unique qualities of your practice. Once you have a list, write a brief description that encompasses your business’s purpose. Feature this statement on your website and other important platforms, such as your social media profiles.

Additionally, branding demands that your business and website have a synergistic design. This means that the overall style of your website, office, images, logos, and advertisements should be consistent with one another. Start by choosing a color scheme and creating a custom logo for your business. Use these elements throughout your content and marketing materials.

Let Clients Get to Know You

Set yourself apart from your competitors with a unique and authentic bio. Illustrate your qualifications, accolades, and competence, but don’t hesitate to show a little personality!

Post a bio for each of your staff members accompanied by a professional headshot. Draft a set of questions you would like your staff members to answer and factor these into your end product.

Want to spice it up? Include an alternative goofy picture along with your professional headshot that showcases your staff’s playful side or exemplifies their interests. Are you the ultimate Star Wars fan? Post a picture of you in a Darth Vader costume! Another unique idea is to link a playlist so your new client can jam out to your favorite hits while they’re on the drive to your office.

Lights, Camera, Action

Did you know that by 2019 video will draw approximately 80% of all online traffic? Get ahead of the curve by featuring an office video on your website’s homepage. Not only does video improve your search engine results rankings, it also boasts the highest return on investment across all content types.

Film a short video at your office that highlights your practice’s best features, like you and your staff! If you have cutting-edge equipment or popular products, these things should also make a cameo. Post the video on your website’s homepage and your social media channels to spark maximum web traffic.

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