Modern Chiropractic Marketing VS. Traditional Marketing: What’s Best?

Marketing techniques are constantly evolving over the years in order to adapt to the target audience’s changing consumption habits and behavior. Access to the internet has been accelerating the shift from traditional to modern approaches when it comes to marketing.

While traditional marketing refers to the use of non-digital platforms and collaterals to promote your chiropractic goods or services, modern marketing uses online channels to reach more potential patients. 

Previously, chiropractors heavily relied on traditional means to get the word out. This blog post will introduce new digital tools that you can leverage to drive awareness and reach new chiropractic patients. 

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Chiropractic Marketing 

But first, let’s review some of the old ways to market a chiropractic practice: business cards, mail, TV, and radio ads, billboards, and signage, flyers and brochures, telephone marketing, trade shows, and word of mouth. 

There are advantages and disadvantages to using traditional ways for chiropractic marketing.


Opportunity for powerful creative work – The simplest of platforms sometimes push us to be more creative, and it’s the same for chiropractors. It’s an opportunity to bring out their wit and attract more clients.

Simple to understand – Many forms of traditional marketing need to be brief and simple because the audience is usually on the move and the attention span is short.

Reach local audiences easily – It’s easy to use traditional marketing in smaller communities where people are more likely to know each other.


There is little interaction – It offers a less personal approach apart from word of mouth since most of the information comes from physical, paper paraphernalia.

Targeted customers are not very many – It can be quite difficult if the person you are handing the flyer to is a potential audience so that it can be a hit or miss.

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Modern Chiropractic Marketing Strategies For Your Practice

Now that we’ve examined traditional marketing strategies let’s take a closer look at modern chiropractic marketing techniques.

1. PPC Ads –  You can optimize pay-per-click ads according to your specifications and appear as soon as you search on your browser. For this, chiropractors need to have a clear yet catchy copy to pique the reader’s curiosity. With PPC ads your practice can target specific services and appear right at the top for auto, sports, and personal injury. So when potential patients search for those terms, your practice will show up right away.

2. Email marketing –  Chiropractors can make use of their visitor and client log through e-mail marketing. A catchy email subject may get you a new customer the next day. You can use it to educate your existing patient database on best practices to stay healthy, send offers, and remind them to schedule their next appointment, etc.

3. E-commerce website – Online shopping is the way to go. And with this shift in purchasing behavior, chiropractors can take advantage of e-commerce websites to sell products and services like vitamins, active care, orthopedics, pillows, gift cards, and more. See an example of an online chiropractic store by clicking here. Click here to see an example of a chiropractic online store.

4. Social media – The power of social media today is astounding.  Through social media, you can interact with your current patients who follow you, share your blog and page’s content with them, and urge them to share your services within the circles. In return, it will increase the engagement on your pages and sites for more visibility. Compared to traditional formats, this can help you reach more relevant audiences.

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5. Newsletters – Pique your audience’s interest by showing them valuable content in the form of chiropractic newsletters.

6. Blogs – Your social media account may serve as an alternative “blog,” but some potential customers still prefer reading from original blog sites. Use this opportunity to educate current and potential clients. Make sure to put up original and enticing content to increase your organic Google ranking.

7. Local SEO – Put your business on the map. Make it searchable within your area by utilizing Google My Business.

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8. Online Reviews – Help potential customers notice you by putting up your patient reviews on your website. It also helps to be active in responding to reviews because it shows that you care about customer feedback.


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Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Chiropractic Marketing

We’ve listed the pros and cons of modern marketing below to help you consider the right channels and platforms to use for your chiropractic practice.


1. Higher ROI –  You get your money’s worth and more with higher traffic to your website, higher conversion of the audience to actual patients, and more chances of being discovered through online searches.

2. Deeper levels of patient engagement and targeting – The chances you are talking to the right audience are higher on social media. And you get to retain their attention by engaging through posts, polls, virtual events.

3. Cost-effective – Through pay-per-click, you only pay for what you truly spent. You get to reach more patients for a good price, expand your practice, retain more patients, and outrank your local chiropractic competitors.

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1. Time-consuming – It can be time-consuming to create ads, write content, and respond to online reviews, but it might just be worth it.

Let Us Help You Create A Tailored Chiropractic Marketing Strategy

Now that we’ve explored both traditional and modern chiropractic marketing techniques, we can see how it is worth trying out a digital approach and maximizing the advantages of modern marketing strategies for your chiropractic website. 

While traditional techniques may have been the go-to solutions in the past, it is undeniable that the majority of potential patients from all segments and age groups are engaging with different online platforms whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or websites. 

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